3 Mini Apartments: Ideas for Space Maximization

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The escalating demand for living spaces coupled with the rising space crunch for proper housing have precipitated the need for smaller domestic spaces that offer compact dwellings. These homes though lower on square feet, make the most of their floor plan to present innovative and creative spaces.

Smaller and less spacious homes do not necessarily mean a lesser quality of life. Also, the economical rent aspect is a great point working in their favor.   You may ask how to transform a tiny dwelling into a practical & livable abode. To answer this question, let me give you 3 inspiring examples wherein interior architects have come up with really smart ways to maximize your small sized property, while retaining your sense of style, privacy and refinement.

1. Italian Studio Apartment- Decked up in Functionality

This 355 ft² studio apartment in Bologna is replete with modish functionality & contemporary designs. Versatile & alluring, this compact space has been divided into living and sleeping areas. The partition walls employed offer privacy and plenty of storage as we can see from the closet. The demarcated spaces look great too!

Living Spaces Sorted by Practicality

Known to be among the trickiest to design and decorate owing to space crunch & absence of walls, studio apartment design is a true art. Therefore, we can appreciate the newly formed well lit corridor, which is flanked by shelves and storage racks forming an open closet. On the other side, the small yet furnished kitchen is visible. Really clever piece of architecture,  no?

2. Say Hola! to this Loft(y) Idea

This unusually compact loft home in Madrid is a stunning display of the clever idea of a landscape to misconstrue the perceived extent of the interior. The multi functional staircase can be used in various ways in this apartment. In this photo it outlines the woody & bright kitchen, separating it from the other parts of the room, it also offers seating space for those making use of the combined table.

Concealed Surprises

The full size staircase  employed to humor the owner’s request extends a convenient way to reach the hidden bedroom on the “attic level”. This is not all; as visible from the photo, the staircase provides easy access to the plenty of storage space in the loft overheads. Stunning and thoughtful design, I must say.

3. 300 ft² White Wonder in Madrid

Assigned the task of creating a usable & functional home by maximizing space in a limited 300 ft², the architects of this tiny yet spectacular & gloriously white dwelling wonderfully embraced the restrictive dimensions of the single room former office to create an astonishingly livable & comfortable space. Benefiting greatly from the lavish 11.5 feet height of the ceiling and a wide range of modular multi-purpose furniture, this amazing home epitomizes smart space maximization.

Covert & Practical

There are surprises galore in this tiny white marvel. Hidden away to be used when required, these spaces underline the total functionality of this apartment in style. In this photo we can see the living area downstairs, and the closed kitchen that has been opened up to the rest of the space. The bathroom remains hidden, whilst the bedroom upstairs covers a sleeping space of 5 feet.

Formulated as a single structure, this design has the ability to shift & change depending upon the requirements of the inhabitant. 

So you can see how small needs not to mean cluttered or unappealing. It can always be sophisticated, chic & contemporary. For yet another praiseworthy example that defies its so called limited dimensions in being classy, look at this!

Which of these innovative ideas are you going to incorporate into your tiny apartment?

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