Peace of mind: Shoe storage solutions!

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We all know this scenario well—we get home after a long day of work and the first thing that we do when we get home is kick off our shoes and relax. The problem is that the shoes start to pile up very quickly, which means that our entrance hall turns into a bit of a battlefield. 

Fortunately, homify thinks of all of these things! Today, we are going to offer you tips that show you how to store your shoes in a practical AND decorative way so your house will become an absolute pleasure.

Peace of mind: Shoe storage solutions!

Create a cabinet in your entrance hall

In general, especially for larger families, shoes take up too much space, cluttering and crowding the entrance. 

Why don't you invest in a large cabinet or shoe rack, which can also be used as a seat

In this design, by professionalsMöhring Architects, we can see how there is plenty of storage space utilised in the vertical space with a comfortable bench for sitting.

Dare with color

Too often in construction, shoe racks are used as a functional feature rather than an aesthetic element. However, it's possible to kill two birds with one stone.

Why not choose a fun, modern and funky color that can add a touch of originality to the entrance of your home? Here we can see a good example, where a strong blue and purple colors have been chosen for the design. Notice the presence of cupboard doors which ensure that the shoes are hidden from view, keeping this space looking tidy and neat. 

This gives us a bit more dignity too so no one has to be subjected to our stinky dirty shoes!

Put your shoes in boxes

It often happens that our shoes simply end up lined up on a shelf or on the floor. They may end up piled together as well, which means that we waste valuable time as we are rushing out of the door—especially if we are already running late.

A solution to avoid this problem can be to opt for boxes, which is much more convenient. This helps to keep the entrance looking stylish and in order. 

Don't you love this design, with the white finishes contrasting with the wood front? This is a sleek and minimalist design.

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The space under the stairs? Why not!

The majority of shoe racks end up taking up valuable physical space, so why not experiment with building a set of cupboards or shelves underneath the stairs? This the best way to make the most of existing space that would otherwise be wasted.

Your cupboard or shelves will work in relation to the space available, but this is a solution that is particularly advantageous in small apartments. 

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Clean lines

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ones. A wardrobe with a rack at the bottom for the shoes can provide more than enough storage space, especially if you live on your own or just with your partner.

In this design, we can see how the wardrobe features very clean and sleek lines. It would suit any minimalist or industrial chic interior design. It also ensures that the shoes and the coats are never very far away.

Simplicity (and efficiency)

Simple is often the best option—and the most efficient! A low dressing table or chest of drawers can be the best solution when it comes to storing your shoes away. This example provides ample space thanks to the six drawers, which are also accessible to children.

The great thing about an element like this is that you can go for different colors and sizes, depending on your style and the space available.

Distract with a mirror

Mirrors always give the illusion of enhancing space so why not combine a shoe rack with a mirror?

In this design, we can see how small and mobile this shoe rack is and it has the ability to store a large number of shoes. The mirror also adds a touch of elegance and functionality to the space.

An old trunk

We live in the era of recycling and sustainability, which is why we suggest recovering that old trunk that has been lying in the attic and turning it into a shoe rack—retro-style!

This is perfect for bulky shoes like boots thanks to the depth and it can be used by the entire family. In this example there was an addition of wheels which means that it can be moved around easier to your desired spot. 

For those who don't have an old trunk, explore an antique market where you can find some interesting second-hand objects and make them your own!

And for the little ones

Finding a spot for the shoes can be a real problem for most families, not only because of the amount of space that they occupy but because the kids' shoes also have a curious tendency to disappear… especially just before school!

This gorgeous and cheerful cabinet comes to the rescue, designed by Yu Hiraoka Design. It is the perfect and fun spot for kids to store their shoes.

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