Trendy Refurb for a Dated Apartment

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The beautiful French city of Nice is a visual spectacle. Sitting on the French Riviera, it has always been the hub of art & culture thronged by tourists from across the globe. At this seat of creativity, a shoddy old fashioned apartment was reeling under dreary design, drab furnishings & redundant interiors.

Entrusted with giving the apartment a new lease of life, interior architects of Casavog delivered the promise of impeccable contemporary style with a classy makeover job thereby imbibing in the apartment a new refreshing feel with exquisite looks. Modish furnishings, cushy textures, swanky lighting, and the latest designs now adorn this chic apartment.

Let us have a look at the French touch of novelty in this redesigned marvel.

Before: Antiquated & Sombre

The living room was decked up with dated elements. The blue sofa-chairs, the lamp, the old cupboard, the wooden chairs & table and the candelabra chandelier all looked like old movie props. The room was clearly in want of a complete restoration so as to breathe some life into the space & make it more vibrant.

Help Afoot

This image shows ongoing revamp in the living room where one of the original walls was torn down to make way for an open-plan layout. This resulted in making the apartment look more commodious, brighter & airy.

Masterpiece in the Making

This image shows the remodeling work underway in the old bedroom space to transform it into a contemporary master suite replete with snazzy walk-in shower, closets & vanity area. The rejig also gave the old walls a much needed fresh coat of paint; contemporary accents were introduced to offer a generous dose of finesse.

After: 100% Pure Style in Black & White

Post renovation, the open plan layout of the living room dazzles in bold yet elegant style with the soft leather couches bearing well rounded arms, the roundish ottoman and the dining set up in white, blue & metal. The modish 3D patterned rug on the glossy floor, the graceful planter and the snazzy lamp on the ceiling add an edge to the living room. Shiny ivory walls reflect the illumination from the LEDs and further radiate the tranquil aura of the white base. The black and grey scheme in the lounge room adds another dimension to the otherwise light palette without taking away from the well lit spaces.

After: Sleek Touch of Wholesomeness

The kitchen is separated from the dining room and living room by this beautiful island in white. It is surrounded by black & chrome leather stools where you can be comfortable and enjoy a leisurely breakfast. The bright light from the unique lighting directly shines on the work area. Equipped with a wooden floor, the kitchen boasts of a double height ceiling and storage cabinets that radiate the heartiness of white. Also, the creamy-hued wall reflects the radiance from the lights & brings out the lovely contrast created by the jazzy stools.

After: Snugness in Posh Flamboyance

The master suite has the panache of the five-star look with the bold style statement made by the colorful track lighting. The luxurious mirror adds to the premium character. The rest of the space in white, dark grey and wooden hues shouts elegance. Check out the fashionable blinds on the window! Warmth from the wooden floor adds cozy feel. A glistening transparent wall separates the bathroom from this state-of-the-art bedroom and underlines the touch of grandiosity. Original lighting brightens the bedside table space, lending a flattering comfy feel.

After: Poise at Work

This corner home office space is a beautiful example of smart & tasteful space management. The compact work station with the pop-up platform and a comfortable seat offers a work desk setting that matches well with the interiors of the room.

After: Opulence Continued

The bathroom, differentiated from the bedroom by the sleek glass wall, is magnificently contemporary. The clever employment of glass, minimalist fittings and black & white hues makes the bathroom space apt for deluxe re-invigoration.

So now we know that open spaces, little structural tweaks here & there, chic furnishing, stylish accents and a fashionable palette are sufficiently potent to transform small boring houses into contemporary desirable homes. Inspiring makeover story, what do you say?

What features would you adapt to your home?

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