A Gorgeous Country Home with a Green Touch

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Come explore the lavish yet earthy magnificence of a country home in Simferopol located at the Crimean peninsula. Rendered with taste and creativity by the interior architects at Interior Studio Podium, this cozy and elegant abode combines rusticity with contemporary touches for a unique appeal. Wooden elements, lush indoor greenery, sleek yet comfy furnishing, earthy hues and pretty patterns join forces in this residence for a living experience that soothes and invigorates any resident. Trendy lights, sensible designs and the presence of large glass door and windows keep the home cheerful and inviting at all times.

Luxurious rustic living

Light wooden tones dominate the lavish and comfy living space through the floor and ceiling, and lend a welcoming aura effortlessly. A sleek concrete and stone panel houses the fireplace, the room is decked with quaint painted plates. The bold striped rug adds pizzazz to the floor, while the plush grey couches and sleek coffee tables offer ample scope for relaxation and entertainment. The pretty pendant light casts a soothing glow over the entire setting, while the soft white cushions lend a contrasting touch.

The wall of green

This large and intelligently crafted wooden shelf holds verdant greenery at every level. The lushness of the leaves dominates the wood in an arty manner to give the impression of a decorative green wall. What better way to keep the indoor air fresh and connect with nature, right?

Vintage dining

The pretty floral patterns on the upholstery of the vintage style chairs make the dining space a charming sight. The stone and concrete panel that houses the fireplace for the living area holds an ornate mirror on this side for a lavish touch. A sleek sideboard stands right under it and is essentially an extension of the kitchen counter. Chic pendant lights add dollops of cozy brightness to the space, while the simple but elegant open kitchen with vintage style wall racks beckons from afar.

Inviting kitchen

Lined with neat white country style cabinets and modern appliances, the kitchen is a friendly and inviting space, where the chef can easily socialize while preparing a delicious meal. Patterned tiles on the backsplash and the blue hue of the wall add panache here, the stone panel offers subtle privacy from the living area.

A different perspective

From this side of the dining space, you can catch a glimpse of the large glass doors in the living area that bring in oodles of natural light during daytime. A large shelf stands against the wall and opposite to the “wall of green” we have seen before. But this one holds books, artifacts, and a few potted greens.

Gourmet indulgence with a view

The dining area comes with large glass doors and windows set in slim metal frames and adorned with sheer drapes. This way, diners can indulge in a sumptuous meal while soaking in the picturesque view of the outside nature. It must surely be a pleasure to watch the leaves change color with every passing season from here!

Hope you enjoyed exploring this rustic yet subtly luxurious home where the outside has been brought inside very artfully. For more ideas, take another tour - The smart and stylish house of your dreams.

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