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Everyone dreams of having a small, seaside cottage to visit during the summer but not everyone is a fan of the cottage design. This home, located in the outskirts of Rome, is the perfect example of a seaside home with a modern twist. The one thing that this home borrowed from a traditional seaside cottage is the use of a white, which is extensive throughout the house.

This completely renovated home uses a lot of clean lines for the interior architecture of the home, straying away from too many doors to separate rooms. This home has an abundance of windows, letting in loads of natural light and making the room feel even brighter. 

The living room

The living room is a beautiful open space that is also connected to the dining room. This living area has two, large white sofas with a few black pillows which allows for ample seating to entertain guests or just relax. The living room leads to a balcony which overlooks the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and this is really the highlight of the home. In keeping with the minimalist style, there is little to no artwork in the house but the few pieces that are scattered throughout, maintain the black and white theme. Here we can see a small black sculpture to the left of the television which adds a touch of elegance to the room.

The open floor plan

The open floor plan of this living area opens into the dining room which shows how angled the rest of the home is. This room brings a bit more to the table than the living room involving metal table legs and a dark wooden inset wall which adds dimension to the space. The floating cabinet behind the dining table adds to the openness of the room while keeping with the modern theme.

The kitchen

Moving into the kitchen we can see another large expanse of space with a mix of a few different materials. The most prominent feature is the large wooden wall of cabinets with the microwave and oven combo. This provides an incredible amount of storage space for the kitchen which is always important. The kitchen island is also a very interesting feature because it mixes white cabinets, with a raised black countertops and a stainless steel center. This mix of materials works wonderfully in the kitchen and plays on the creativity of Italians in the kitchen. A large, glass dining table is also seen in the kitchen and the metal table legs also tie in a few of the stainless steel elements from the kitchen.

The bedroom

The modern bedroom can be seen peeking through this master bathroom. The colors of the house can be seen in this bedroom; the dark gray bed linens are a play off of the black from downstairs, and the transparent bedside table is reminiscent of the glass dining tables. The bedroom and bathroom boast a lot of natural light thanks to large windows, which of course look out onto the sea.

The master bathroom

The master bathroom, once again, boasts a very minimal and modern design. The floating vanity is taken one stop further by adding a separate floating cabinet underneath. This provides extra storage space without making the bathroom feel too clunky and cluttered. A simple, stainless steel faucet juts out of the wall and provide for a clean and seamless look. The jet black shower adds a strong sense of depth to the bathroom and is anchored by the transparent glass panel. The shower is accompanied by both a removable shower head and a built-in rain shower overhead, providing a relaxing bathroom experience.

Have you ever dreamed of living by the sea?

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