The astonishing revamp of a neglected Japanese home

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Any building, over time, faces deterioration. A house is not exempt from this either. Throughout the years, the structure takes a beating from constant use and exterior elements. With time, even the location might not be convenient for you, especially if the neighborhood changes. It is one of these houses that is the centre of our before & after feature today. Located in Osaka City, this house had become old and almost shabby. Thankfully, its owners didn’t give up and roped in a team of architects who managed to magically transform this place into an amazing abode! Special attention was paid to ensure that the renovations adhered to the local earthquake resistance guidelines. Let's take a look to see how the makeover unfolded…

​Before: hidden behind overgrown trees

The front of the house is virtually cut off from everything else due to the overgrown trees. While we all know that having greenery is good, cutting off natural light to the interior is not advisable. Since the entryway is small and the trees tall, the front space almost got eaten up.

After: a neat and open facade

It's amazing what some cutting and pruning does to the appearance of the house! The roof has been removed to take off the weight, according to the necessary earthquake safety guidelines, and a fresh coat of paint given to uplift the façade. The 37-year-old house now seems as good as new! The staircase leading to the entryway was redone as well, and the house looks much more stylish than before.

​Before: cluttered entrance

Unfortunately, the old entrance looked terrible with clutter everywhere. Instead of looking inviting, this entryway might just turn away guests! It's understandable that years of living in the same place cause things to accumulate, but this clutter clearly spoils the entire look of the house.

​After: a neat, clear space

Spring cleaning came early! The clutter was taken away and replaced with bright, natural light, while the use of concrete gives it a very industrial-style feeling. An entryway should beckon guests, inviting them in; the transformed space with its calm gray colour and lattice woodwork does exactly that.

Before: steps of doom

This staircase is a recipe for disaster. There's clutter, not enough lighting, and a lot of potential for accidents to happen. They're also a little steep, and could be a hazard for guests or homeowners.

​After: an airy, open staircase

The open space in the corridor lets in a lot more light. The newly created windows, along with the staircase, also help brighten up the area. We love the use of an open staircase and the addition of that single metal railing. There is such a bright, airy feel to the house that we are absolutely in love with! The clever use of the space under the stairs means the homeowners now have extra room to store their stuff.

​Before: dark, depressing entryway

The entryway can best be described as dingy. Before the transformation, there was no influx of natural light at all. Over time, everything inside has lost its original colour and the space seems to scream for a makeover.

​After: spacious and light

Inviting, warm and bright, this home transformation is extraordinary! The floor and furniture have been replaced with light-coloured wood, and priority has been given to creating open spaces that are comfortable. The modern kitchen is a treat to cook in, with a gorgeous minimal aesthetic. The change is truly spectacular! 

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