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The modern courtyard house is situated at an upper class residential district in New Delhi. Although it is a plush location, it is a high density residential zone area which is quite congested from all three sides except the front. Generally when we think of courtyards, we tend to think of old traditional style tropical houses, however this time we're about to see the old courtyard design with a modern twist. Courtyards are becoming trendy again, and it's no surprise since they contribute greatly to the aesthetics and functionality of the home. A courtyard means an indoor garden, fresh air, good ventilation, and a cooler home. In this tour, we will see how AR. Nikhil, architects based in Delhi have created a modern abode based on the traditional concept of courtyards. We will also see get to see the beautifully decorated interiors. 

We hope you will find some interesting ideas and refreshing inspiration for your home through this tour. Please don't forget to leave us some comments at the end. Now, let's have a look at this beautiful home shall we? 

Illuminated stairway

The stairway area is an eye-catching area with many unusual displays of lights. There are a variety of different type of lights on the ceiling, as well as those highlighting the eccentric artistic sculptures in the stairway area. Next, let's have a look at the outdoor space at the rooftop. 

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Modern facade

The modern facade gives us the impression of a trendy townhouse with a minimalist style due to its clean straight lines and boxy shapes. The variety of materials employed for the facade gives it a multi-dimensional feel that is rich with texture and colour. Wooden elements married together with natural stone in subtle grey impart a cosy feel, while a striking deep blue adds a splash of colour to the facade, livening it up. 

Compartmentalized bedroom

This spacious bedroom is composed of earthy tones, giving it a natural feel. However, something feels different in this room, and that is the compartmentalized design of the bedroom. As you can see, the area where the bed is located is kind of segregated in a way because of the wooden wall paneling that covers the walls and ceiling in that area. A light marble floor together with white walls and furnishings compensate for the space taken up by the low ceiling. The result is a cosy bedroom with a spacious feel. 

Elegant home bar

The first thing that captures our attention in this elegant home bar is the intricate latticework that creates the outstanding background for the bar display. The latticed panel continues to create patterns and a lower ceiling for the bar area, while luminaries breathe life into the space, illuminating the place with a warm glow. Finally, small details like the graffiti of the marching soldier below the bar display, add character to this cosy space. 

Central courtyard

This image illustrates what the central courtyard looks like, illuminated with soft lighting to enhance the shapes and textures of the surrounding environment. The natural stone walls impart a rustic feel while the decorative jars of clay add classic sophistication to the setting. Last but not least, the tall tree offers some harmonious greenery for this concrete paradise. 

A view of the central courtyard from inside the house

From inside the house, this is what the central courtyard looks like. Pictured here, we see the view from the upper floor, where we are basically looking down at the tree and garden area below. The decorative wall art is also clearly visible from here. Next, let's see what the central courtyard looks like from the ground floor. 

The living area

The social heart of this home is located in this spacious ground floor space which has an expansive view of the courtyard garden. The glass paneling and glass dividers help to keep this space bright and open, while the creamy coloured marble floor and wooden false ceiling add warmth and cosiness to the space. 

Recreational rooftop

It's quite common for houses in India to have a rooftop, however many times it is neglected, and that is a real shame because it could be a beautiful outdoor space. Pictured here we see a rooftop that has been laid out with dark wooden flooring and painted with a dull blue and bright white. Furniture, shade, and plants make this rooftop complete and ready to enjoyed. 

One last look

Finally, we come to the end of our tour where we leave you with one last look of the house from the outside. Here we can see that the house is covered with glass panels and windows on the sides that face the central courtyard, offering full visual access to the greenery outside. 

We hope you've enjoyed this tour as much as we have. For more home tips, inspiration, and interesting ideas, have a look at that's how you furnish chic but cheap

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