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A modern home is extremely worthy of a modern kitchen that reflects the homeowners’ aesthetic sense and taste. And the good news is that there are numerous materials, décor styles and design ideas available on the market today. But planning and bringing all the different elements together to create a snazzy kitchen is not necessarily a simple task. 

For example, you need to decide on a suitable layout, colours, finishing and storage units which will all play major roles in making your dream kitchen a utilitarian as well as gorgeous space. So check out these 10 stunning inspirations from the kitchen manufacturers at Cocinas Fedgo, before you take a crack at your own project.

1. Bringing in an Island

Kitchen islands are also a great addition especially in big kitchens which often face the problem of empty and underutilised spaces. Add a large kitchen island with in-built cabinets and drawers, and use them to house appliances or store crockery and cutlery. This allows you to move around easily and fills up the kitchen space optimally too.

2. Effective Space Utilization

Large spaces need to be designed properly to ensure that it is utilized effectively. This U-shaped kitchen does just that. The shape allows the stove, kitchen, appliances and storage units to be arranged in the best possible manner. Even if you have guests or the extended family over, there will be no overcrowding with this layout.

3. Monochrome Magic

Can you ever go wrong with black? We love this kitchen because of the gleaming and bold monochrome finish. The floor uses white tiles, and the black cabinets and silver appliances offer the right contrast. The kitchen is beautiful and functional, perfect for fans of minimalism.

4. Clutter-Free Space

Simplicity does not mean that you cannot use different materials and create a unique design. The kitchen here focuses on creating a clutter free space, with an extra emphasis on simple design. The strategic lighting highlights the sleek and smooth wooden cabinets, which complement the sober-hued walls nicely. And it’s impressive how minimalistic appliances have been accommodated neatly in customised niches.

5. Mix and Match

Combining different colours, materials and textures has always been a great way to design and furnish any space. For instance, the cabinets here use dark brown wood, frosted glass and white hues for an interesting mix and match look. This also lends depth and visual intrigue to the kitchen, without hampering functionality.

6. Simple Elegance

Using soft colours can create a very elegant design scheme for a modular kitchen. This kitchen makes the most of soft shades of beige by using it on the floor and for the cabinets. The smart lights under the cabinets provide a soft glow and highlight the wooden countertop, without going overboard.

7. Space for Everything

Slightly smaller spaces require the kitchen to be designed in a way that appliances get enough space without overcrowding. This L-shaped kitchen is a great idea for embracing an open design that integrates with the dining or living room. The far end corner houses appliances neatly, whereas the longer arm of the L serves as a decent workstation.

8. A Little Brightness

Don’t be afraid to pick a bold colour along with neutral shades for your cooking haven. We love the streaks of purple on the backsplash of this kitchen, for instance. It makes the kitchen more vibrant and inviting, and cuts the monotony of the black and white colour scheme. The fashionable purple chairs add dollops of pizzazz to the breakfast counter too.

9. Small is Big

Small kitchens mean that the design has to be compact. In this kitchen for example, the designer has used just one wall to house everything from cabinets to appliances for a streamlined look and utilitarian value. This compact and economical design leaves room for minimalistic dining furniture to be placed in the kitchen.

10. A Wooden Dream

A modern kitchen with wood as the primary material is a great idea if you are going for a classic décor scheme. The addition of modern appliances and a sleek marble or granite countertop will add that touch of elegance that you will definitely fall in love with.

So pick a design that suits your needs, preferences and the size available in your kitchen. And consult a kitchen planner or manufacturer to help you out for efficient planning, implementation and more customised inputs. 

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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