5 Impressive House Extension Ideas

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A house extension is a great way of adding space and versatility to your property. House extensions bring improved functionality to the home spaces and enhance the look manifolds. It could be a patio, lounge, terrace, kitchen or dining space based on your requirement or wish.

Here is a list of 5 such lovely house extension ideas where the architects have matched the client’s needs with the existing design to create beautiful living spaces that add not only room & practicality but also another dimension to the entire home. Have a look!

1. Now This is what I call Fine Dining

Overlooking the beautiful courtyard, this extension complements the kitchen space, adding a dining area soaked in the warmth of wood and replete with brightness from natural light & visually appealing vistas of multihued flowers through the glass doors & windows.

Shaded for Comfortable Meal times

The sun blinds provide a cool shade during summer months, protecting from the heat & the glare of the sun. Also, it is a good insulation to prevent any escape of heat or cold from the cozy interiors, making for a snug dining experience.

2. Terraced for the Weekend

Terraces are another smart way to expand living spaces, creating your own private sanctum. In this image, the covered terrace looks extremely inviting with the promise of absolute comfort. The upholstered furniture, cushions & pillows, aesthetic planters, unique ottomans and the intricate lanterns create a really snug atmosphere to relax and enjoy nature. It can be further beautified by adding incense, colorful flowers & candles. Romance is in the air!

Virtual Outdoor Experience

Coziness guaranteed in style-look at the elegant design! A great idea for a weekend getaway, this covered terrace needs a well thought out roof option. Cloth runs the risk of getting wet in rain, so it is not a very convenient option to protect from the sun. In case of a permanent roof, the different alternatives need to be weighed qualitatively so as to retain the desired functionality while maximizing the insulation & cooling effects as required.

3. Practically Elegant

House extensions like this may include a totally new architectural construction or a revamp of the original structure. In such cases, the architects & designers need to be consulted before commencing any work on the extension so as to avoid the risk of weakening existing foundations or damaging adjacent structures. While planning extensions like this one, all the details of style & color need to be heeded to in order to maintain homogeneity. This added space is perfect for enjoying a barbeque/ grill on a beautiful sunny day.

Spacious & Luminous

A big advantage of these extensions is that they make spaces look more capacious and bright as it appears from this view of the open plan living room, giving an impression of a roomy layout overall.

4. Small Terrace for Homestyle Repose

This extension is a cozy terrace, a simple outdoor terrace without any walls or roof, but with a graceful wooden floor. The image shows a quiet and cozy gallery-like space just outside the small library; the extension could offer a comfy & peaceful reading area outdoors.

Great Location for Family Time

This extension can be conveniently used as a relaxing space to spend quality time with the family, outside the 4 walls of the house while within the home premises.  With its simple construction the warmth of the wood spills over into the ambiance, ensuring a lovely time.

5. Added Woody Mellowness for Chic Wholesomeness

Matching the insulation & aesthetic characteristics of the brick house, this wooden extension has been built to house the kitchen and dining spaces with an added provision of an outdoor patio-like area replete with dining & lounging arrangement. The outdoor spot has a stylish yet rustic woody appearance that makes it look refreshingly different. Amidst ample greens, it makes for a cozy arrangement for a hearty outdoor meal.

Bold Elements, Novel Originality

Kitchen/Dining Room homify Modern Kitchen

Kitchen/Dining Room


In the wooden extension, this kitchen & dining space are rife with elegant components and a modish look. The large dining room receives plenty of natural light; shades of brown predominate this well lit area. The modular kitchen is set as a continuation to the original home space. It has a series of wooden cabinets and a black granite counter top. The color combination carries a striking contrast; the hanging pans look charming. Even with so many elements, it does not appear cluttered; the bold definitions look attractive.

Look into this ideabook to see how wood can transform your kitchen!

Which one would you most feel at home at?

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