The Ultimate Revamp: 4 Inspiring Kitchen Makeovers

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It can be safely said that the kitchen is the heart of every home. It’s the place where we whip up our favorite dishes, spend personal moments, perform cooking experiments and enjoy a family meal. We wouldn’t be wrong in saying that the design of the kitchen is one of the most essential things to pay attention to. Hence if you have been procrastinating on how to undertake a kitchen makeover, here are four brilliant kitchen makeovers to get you going. Watch how these kitchens morphed from closed-off, dull and drab spaces to dreamy, efficient and bright areas where anyone would love to cook, gather or entertain. Let’s take a look.

​Before Renovation: Just Another Open Kitchen

This kitchen is a part of the layout in a small apartment, where it occupies the same space as the living room. The insufficient lighting and exposure to everything that comes in through the front door is not a good combination. The lackluster ivory flooring and monotonous kitchen furnishings do not do the kitchen any favours. 

​After Renovation: A Bright, Cozy Kitchen

The first thing you notice about the kitchen is how neat and organised and well-designed it looks. The designers, while remodeling, have put up a partial wall to end the free-flowing space. The division distinguishes the kitchen from the entrance and the living room, as it should in any household. They replaced the cabinets with newer looking white doors and added an extra work/serving station. The use of wood in the countertops is a great way to add something extra. 

​Before Renovation: A Nightmare Of Mismatched Colors

Colors are good. However, not every color combination works, especially in this kitchenette. Before the remodeling, the cabinets had multicolored doors, with the sink stuck in a corner. The floor is brown, which adds to the dark look of the space. The window isn’t used properly in the design and hence, the kitchenette over all, seem off putting to someone who likes to cook. The space is unremarkable and pretty much boring. 

​After Renovation: An Airy Themed Kitchen

Now, that is a kitchen we want to work in! Notice the uplift of the layout that the designers have handled. The first thing they did was pick a color theme, and then work with it. The pale blue glass cabinets compliment the dark wooden counter tops perfectly. There is no mismatch. The designer tiles heed to the same shades and create a cohesive design in the kitchen. A counter top that serves as a table is placed by the window, so the residents can cook and eat right there. Clever.

​Before Renovation: Stuffy, Cramped And Old School

Unfortunately, this kitchen looks like an afterthought. The design is old school and the space is cramped. The sink, stove and oven are placed side by side, enhancing the cramped feeling. The refrigerator restricts the entryway. The space is not made to hold more than two people, which can sometimes become a problem. The dirty white floor tiles do nothing to improve the overall look

​After Renovation: Modern Furnishings And Lots Of Space

It is unbelievable how good this kitchen looks after the makeover. Firstly, the kitchen needed something more modern, which is what the designers have focused on. They turned it into an open kitchen, and dedicated one wall to cooking and appliances. The hanging brass lamps offer enough lighting while the counter top on the other side serves as a work space or a dining area.  The wood choice gives a warm feeling to the entire kitchen. We feel happy just looking at this space. Here is another makeover story you should look at. 

​Before Renovation: A Bleak Closed Off Space

Overtime, in many houses, a kitchen becomes a room that gets loaded with clutter and becomes difficult to work in. This is that kitchen. The refrigerator takes up a lot of space. Despite the huge windows, the space seems dreary. There are too many cabinets, and yet the counter top seems crowded. 

After Renovation: The Dream Kitchen

Wow! We can see how the architects turned the design on its head. The kitchen now looks like a modern trendy coffee shop. The use of a wooden bench along the wall makes this tiny space quite unique and spacious. The refrigerator now has its own space. Adequate lighting in the form of hanging lamps and lights make it brighter. The cooking area is also transformed with the white textured tiled backsplash. With this renovation, everything looks more organised and the kitchen gives off a happy, luminous, clean vibe.

Four different kitchens, four different designs and plenty of inspiration. And now, more kitchen makeovers, click here. 

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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