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6 beautiful South African facades for your inspiration

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House in Kloof Road Nico Van Der Meulen Architects Modern Houses
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Whether it’s classic, rustic, Scandinavian, or otherwise, you can be sure that if it’s noteworthy and striking, it will feature here on homify 360°.

Today’s piece is sure to please our lovers of contemporary style, as we keep it local by focusing on six distinct designs all by one professional team – Muelen Architects. Those familiar with their work will immediately recognise their ability to translate modern beauty and stylish functionality into ultra sleek and cutting-edge designs.  

Let’s take a look at what they have achieved.

1. The house from the future

If this is what futuristic residences will look like, then we can’t wait! Flaunting a very sleek look and elegant style, this modern house is both inviting and secretive at the same time, thanks to its open volumes and intricate design. 

Crisp white surfaces do a superb job of making the structure seem cool and tranquil, while also contrasting most effectively with the lush greens of the garden and lawn.

2. The elongated beauty

Space seems to be no problem for this structure, as it presents a spacious and elongated look, even from far away. This artistic rendering does a fine job of informing us how wide the interior areas are, not to mention that spacious terrace at the bottom, neatly shaded by the cantilevered volume above. 

In contrast to our first discovery, this structure opted to be bolder with its darker range of colours. 

Architects, gardeners, and much more – we have them all here on homify. See our professionals page for more info.

3. Stylish shades of grey

Our third example also knows the advantages of neutral tones, for it made some fantastic choices for its façade: a superb selection of stone greys, ranging from graphite tones to off-white shades. 

Notice how the different volumes protrude from each other, forming intricate little spaces such as balconies, terraces, and flat-shaped roofs. 

Floor-to-ceiling glass panes adorn the rear sides, ensuring a strong link with the back yard while also allowing a decadent amount of natural light to enter the interiors.

4. Contemporary building blocks

A delicious combination of blocks makes up our fourth selection, merging with and protruding from each other to present fascinating results. It is as if a selection of rectangular structures are slowly rising out of the sloping landscape, its pristinely prepared shapes contrasting beautifully with the lush, natural look of the scenery. 

In addition, one can also distinguish the assortment of materials used, from timber panels and glass panes to concrete surfaces, all flaunting their modern beauty with perfection.

5. A grand presence

The backyard view of this structure certainly doesn’t hold back in letting us know just how grand it is in size. Made up of eye-catching layers and levels, all coated in earthy tones and striking textures, this house shows us what a powerful tool diversity can be.  

Even the slightly pitched roof is a nice little treat, beautifully adorning the selection of gigantic squares and rectangles that make up the different rooms. 

And thanks to the interior lighting, we get a sneak peek at some of the indoor areas, most notably the colour scheme and décor pieces used.

6. A very open vision

Feel free to think that we saved the best for last – there is something very lavish and extravagant about this house that inspires hours and hours of daydreaming. 

Spacious rooms, large glass windows and doors, expertly manicured gardens, fantastic areas for relaxing and socialising, and even a koi pond that neatly frames the exterior area of one of the lower-floor bedrooms. What is not to love about this magnificent structure? 

Want to see more of this super stylish creation? Then click through to: Exploring Dimensions in the Kloof Road House.

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