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This fascinating house is the creation of  Woodsun, architects in South Korea. The house immediately creates the impression that there is a giant Tetris game going on, with pieces that fits perfectly together, as well as pieces (like some of the windows) that stands out of the building.

The neutral and smooth exterior finish that's mixed with texturized metal covering gives no clue what-so-ever what this house hides in the interior with wood that creates a warmth you can seek peace. By bringing in a lot of white, the house also appears larger, without looking clinical.

Trees on the side give privacy in the neighbourhood, while the low fencing gives an open feel to the property. This is the perfect place for a homeowner who wants something modern, but something different.

Perfect fit

The segments of the house perfectly fits into each other, but it doesn't look like loose blocks just put onto each other. The thought process that went into designing this exterior had to be incredible to make it work in the interior without looking like different boxes.

The low fence that is made out of cement block, separates the property from the next, but keeps nothing in or out. The fence is basically there to show where one property ends and the next own starts. Also with this fence, you can appreciate the freedom, that doesn't come with higher fences.

The table on the terrace is the perfect place for a outdoor meal on a warm summer evening, or you can just enjoy some peace while lightly swing on the swinging bench.

What a façade?

This might not be the most interesting façade in the history of facades, but it is one none the less. One of the advantage of this plain façade is that the windows is small, which means that people won't be able to see in from the street—adding to privacy.  The only thing that breaks the single tone form the light paint colour is the darker piece next to the entrance.

Pop out!

This two windows is set outside of the walls, which gives the house a different dynamic than a straight wall would have given. To make it more interesting the parts of the wall around the windows is a texturized metal and darker colour, while the first floor is the lighter colour with different windows and doors for the various rooms inside the house.

To bring a bit of green into the picture is there grass with stepping stones around the house. The only plants is on the other side of the fence.

Alley to the front door

To get to the front door you need to take the few steps onto the beautiful wooden floors, between the main building and the bit that is offset from the house, which gives the idea of an alley way. Apart from being safe from the rain and other natural elements, you also have the peace of mind that the security system—that can be seen in the cameras- protects you.

The wooden door stands ourt against the light colour of the walls, while the wooden floors and ceiling provides a warmth to a space that is often neglected. The metallic structure give the house a more interesting perspective.

Open living spaces

Entering the house we see the vast open space that is the living room and a piece of the dining room/kitchen. The wooden floors creates an open space and while the wood panelling can be seen in some of the walls, the ceiling does not consist of wood. Wooden beams is in place with white block in between which creates the open space.

Even with all the wood in the structure of the house, the wooden theme is pulled through into the furniture, like the TV table. While that is wood, the fact that it is such a low standing table creates a more open space than a wall set would have done.

Looking to the staircase, we see that instead of using a soling wall, the staircase was optimised into a beautiful wooden bookshelve.

A different separation

Separating open plan living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens aren't always the easiest to do. It usually ends up with a countertop that separates at least two of the spaces.  

Here we don't have that typical separation. A wooden pillar and change in the wall finishing between the living room and kitchen separate the two space functionally, without losing any valuable floor space.

Minimalistic kitchen

This modern kitchen doesn't at all gives the idea of a clinical space. While the huge refrigerator,  the sunlight that is streaming in through the windows and the white counter top makes the kitchen look extremely white, placing dark wood strategically—like under the sinks—and the darker tiles against the wall creates a different atmosphere than only white would have.

The wood of the table fits perfectly with the floor without making it blend. Mixing chairs and a bench breaks with the idea that everything should be uniform.     

For more idea on a white minimalistic kitchen, check out Naked Kitchen's The Quayside Shaker Kitchen.

Staircase with a view

With a bookshelf on the one side of this staircase and openings that perfect for displaying this is a great staircase. The openings in the wall that separates the kitchen from the staircase creates an openness that most staircases don't have. The softness of the polished wood invites us to go upstairs.  

The perfect reading spot—or maybe not?

Okay, lying in the hallway to read, is probably not the best idea, but putting shelves in the hallway to make sure nobody falls to the first floor, that is a good idea. The bookshelf, made out of wood, is only half the height of the wall, which also creates openness.  The hallway is illuminated by the sunlight streaming through the window on the second floor. The hallway walks out into the bedrooms and bathroom.

Relaxing bedroom

The master bedroom easily accommodates a double bed and with a build in vanity table, there is no need to worry about where to put yours, or get own. The big window above the bed give sufficient light during the day and at night, is there the normal lights and light next to the vanity table. The low bed also contributed to the openness and big space that is created with the light colours and light wood.

Lovely second room

The second bedroom, in this case the nursery is small, but with enough space for a toddler to play with comfort, and more importantly for the parents to get the kid ready. Two windows in different walls supply natural light, while the light walls evenly diffuses the light.

A shelf against the wall makes it easy to get the things you use everyday or to put the kids toys an later to do his/her homework on.

Cubicle toilet

This toilet is only a cubicle, but the walls that has wood half-way gives it an entirely different feel than a normal toilet cubicle. The modern white toilet and basin and the silver coloured accessories complements each other perfectly, while still having the natural warm look the wood provides. The tall narrow window lets in natural light, without giving up on much needed privacy.

Shiny shower

This is one of the places in the house where one can see no trace at all of wood. A greyish tile covers the wall, while the shower head and pipes is all in the silver colour.

Glass shelves provides place to put all of the bathroom necessities that one might need and lastly provides the mirror a valuable quality of making a small space look much bigger than it actually is.


Large glass doors gives access to the wooden terrace and grass. The terrace is the perfect spot for family dinners or stargazing, without having to leave your place. It also provides a place to sit and watch over the kids if they are playing on the grass.

To get more ideas on how to spice up the terrace/patio, check out these five designs.

Different looking houses is getting a lot of attention and stading out is a good thing—it makes life interesting. Coming home to a interesting looking house is ten times better than to come home to a place you can't stand.

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