Incorporating mirrored furniture in your home

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As far as wall additions go in an interior design situation, mirrors are a designer’s best friend. Is there anywhere in a domestic space where mirrors can’t work their magic? Ok, so a few Feng Shui practitioners out there might have a bit to say about the where and the how, but the fact remains—mirrors are one of the most diverse, versatile and aesthetically pleasant things you can add to your home, whether it be a lounge, kitchen, dining room or living space. However, mirrors really play their ace in spaces of a more confined and restricted nature—creating the illusion of more room, mirrors open up the vibe and feel of an otherwise cosy area and work well to amplify its apparent size. For those with cloistered domestic confines, don’t worry about the lack of room—some well-placed mirror action can tend to your need. On the other hand, for those with ample space, mirrors can be a striking and gorgeous addition in their own right. 

Whatever the case, take a stroll through the following great examples of magical domestic mirror additions and spruce up the spaces you’ve got with a ‘little light reflection’.

Statement mirror

Are you looking to inject some pizazz into your space, make a statement, and enhance the general air and atmosphere? Then look no further than a statement mirror. This particular example illustrates how a simple piece of wall furniture can dramatically transform a dining space from something that is nice and pleasant, into something bold and stunning. The effect of the mirrored surface augments the perceived length of the room and adds depth without drastically altering its physical layout. Not just a simple run-of-the-mill reflective rectangle, this specific mirror is audacious and theatrical—choose a piece that is out of the ordinary for your domestic space, something that speaks to the room and enhances its eclectic ambience.

Glamorous dressing table

Who hasn’t dreamed of an awe inspiring, perfectly presented dressing table fit for a princess? This stunning example shows how the inclusion of mirrored furniture can highlight and enhance a smaller corner or small space within a room, allowing a sense of openness and style. This particular effect is easy to achieve in ones own abode, simply add tall rectangular coordinating mirror, neutral satin upholstered chair, delicate accessories and you will have yourself a space that is not only gorgeous and elegant, but functional and sensible.

Reflective bathroom vanity

For a bathroom worthy of royalty, simply add abundant marble and mirrored accessories—this simple design recipe is guaranteed to ensure your bathroom is a stunning addition to your abode and an impressive space to bathe, relax, unwind and unravel. In this trendy example, a mirrored vanity harmonises perfectly with the extensive marble to the floors and ceiling, further adding to the sense of flair and opulence. When renovating or refurbishing your bathroom, be sure to coordinate your mirrored furniture with similarly lavish accessories—mirrored vases and plush cream towels will ensure this space is truly chic and sophisticated.

Stylish side tables

For that real 5 star experience, add a pair of mirrored side tables to your bedroom decor and watch the space transform from plain and simple sleeping quarters into something daring and dazzling. Coordinate this look with an upholstered bedhead, plush neutral linens and throws, contrasting lampshades and some mirror-framed artwork. Finally, add a thick plush carpet, feature wall of textured wallpaper and you will have yourself a lavish retreat and exquisite bedroom.

Mirrored shelves

If full-blown mirrored furniture is not your cup of tea, try incorporating some reflective surfaces in the form of small hanging mirrored boxes or shelves. These little beauties will spice up any dim corner of your abode and lend themselves to multiple uses, either in the lounge room holding treasured trinkets, or in bathroom looking after all of your serums and creams.

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