A home redemption that deserves praise

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You are about to witness the complete transformation of a tacky apartment. In it's original state, it was dull, cluttered and a complete mess. Designed by Design Brides, a group of interior designers and decorators, the apartment is now an amazing contemporary residence which blends a variety of modern styles. The use of wood and natural tones showers it in a warm glow, whilst a minimalist inspired design tidy up the clutter from before. The kitchen is furnished in the Industrial style which has brought it up to date in a striking way! Never before has a variety of styles worked so well under the same roof. 

Join us to see the recreation!

Before: disorganized and messy

If you can see the kitchen at the far end of this hallway that's great. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like a very usable space with the amount of clutter and mess in the surrounds. With the gloomy walls, outdated kitchen cabinets and a blend of color schemes and styles, we can easily see what needs to go.

After: the kitchen re-done!

It is hard to believe it is the same kitchen with so many aesthetic elements. By incorporating wood into the kitchen design such as the table, the whole space exudes a warm rustic ambiance. The use of metal and funky lamp shades show off the Industrial style which update the whole kitchen immediately. A sleek black shelf is positioned high on the wall for extra room, and the white tiles have certainly given the whole kitchen a fresh modern look.

Before: This is a bedroom?

There is no coherent design scheme in this bedroom and it is screaming for a makeover. The space lacks style and is very disordered, furthermore not only is the bed an absolute mess, the mismatched furniture takes up a lot of unnecessary room.

After: Minimalist and tidy

The bedroom has been redesigned from the top to bottom and by choosing a minimalist design, it has certainly been tidied up. The choice of black and white coupled with the smart blinds brightens up the entire room. There is even an elevated platform on which there is a breakfast table. 

After: living room

As you can see, the simple neutral tones and minimalist style that we viewed in the bedroom has also made its way into the completely revamped living room. The use of cream and pale wood, along with the black frames and doors create a sleek design throughout. The modern furniture and the glass coffee table along with the same smart blinds that were used in the bedroom, give the room a bright and airy ambiance.

Before: old fashioned bathroom

The bathroom was just as cluttered and messy as the kitchen. There was no order and everything is placed in plain view which makes the whole room look and feel cluttered. The yellow color scheme and old fashioned sink and toilet do the room no justice. 

After: bright and shiny bathroom

With the old bathroom design gone, these pristine white tiles along with a black and grey color scheme have certainly modernized this space. Both the sink and toilet have been replaced, and the use of mirrored cabinets above the sink hide everything away. 

What do you do when your house starts to feel cluttered? 

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