Ageing Home Gets a New Backside

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Below is a collection of photos that reveal how this home has been transformed from its dull and depressing state into something spectacular. 

The team responsible for the project are the German based firm, Bau-Kult-Ur. This innovative architecture and interior design team are well-known in the industry for their reviving modern home design, and we're certainly big fans of theirs. 

Begin scrolling to see some of their best work yet!

Before: Lacklustre appearance

Our perspective from the street reveals the poor state the home was once in. In need of love and attention, this property oozes potential but, in its current state, is not even fit for habitation. The exterior is dated and tired, with a pebbledash finish taking it straight back to the 70s. 

The garden is overgrown and untidy, which detracts from the beauty of the build itself. Thankfully, the owners decided enough was enough and called some experts in to help…

After: Gaining confidence

From our new perspective we're quick to change our opinions of this house! Things have improved drastically as we see the style of the home has been altered in the most spectacular way. 

Large sections of the old rear façade were demolished to make way for the brand new volume that we see today. Three levels were created using the old structure as a base, including the addition of a full-length terrace along the top floor. 

After: A strong personality

Viewed from further back, the angular shape and sheer size of the house becomes more apparent to us. The vertical timber cladding does wonders to emphasise the height and strength of the building. 

We can already imagine how light-filled the interiors must be considering how many windows there are. The vast amount of glazing allows those inside to feel a strong connection to their garden.

After: Vintage and contemporary

Elegantly proportioned, the dining room is a favourite of ours for its unique mix of design styles. The interior designers have selected a vintage catalogue of furniture. Surrounding the gorgeous timber table are five unique chairs, which are design gems.

Incredibly contemporary but surprisingly suitable for this dining room are the hanging lamps. Made with metal banding, the lamps deliver spectacular lighting and a cool effect as light travels through the gaps. 

After: Attracting the light

An emphasis on attracting sunlight into the interiors was a crucial design point for the owners. New windows were added, whilst remaining windows were widened. 

The standalone piece inside this room is a timber dining table, which is bathed in endless natural light. This beautiful table radiates natural appeal and is lovable for its simplicity. 

After: Showing off its strength

Our senses are engaged inside the hobby room found at the highest point inside the home. The idea to furnish the room sparsely was a recent decision after the space had been painted. The scarcity of furniture allows us to fully appreciate the unique internal architecture, drawing our attention to certain design elements. 

In the end, an ageing family home has been revived and updated thanks to the brilliant work from Bau-Kult-Ur.

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