Space-gaining secrets that are right under your nose

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Isn’t playing interior designer great? You get to dabble in different colours for your linen, play with numerous tones for those wall colours, even mix and match various styles to come up with your own unique interior spaces. However, in order to enjoy these little decorating habits, one needs adequate amount of space, which is something which seems to be getting less and less these days.

But not to worry, for where there’s a problem, homify is ready with a stylish solution. So, whether it’s your bathroom, living room, bedroom, or any other space at home, we have a few tips up our sleeves to help you conjure up some more space.

Here’s how…

1. From couch to bed (and vice versa)

There’s a reason why this trusted trick has stuck around for so long – it works! A neat little couch or sofa that offers up a comfy seating spot by day becomes a soft and cosy bed to sleep on by night. 

Thanks to designers getting cleverer, the sofa-bed models have become much easier to handle, allowing you to make the switch from one to another in mere seconds.

2. The space under the stairs

Leaving that gap under your staircase open is just silly. A wide variety of possibilities exist, from creating a cosy little home office to installing cabinetry for storage purposes, like with our example above. 

Want more ideas? How about inserting a bookcase? Or a credenza on which to display some décor (which can also help out with storage if it has drawers). Or placing your pet’s bed and bowl there…

3. Going up

Your walls can hold so much more than art and wallpaper.

Some sturdy shelves hammered into them instantly conjure up more storage/displaying opportunities, regardless of which room in the house we’re referring to.

4. The kitchen island on wheels

Bless the kitchen island, for it helps out with both prepping surfaces and storage space while also posing as an informal little dining spot.

But know what’s better than that? An island on wheels, also known as the kitchen cart, which can easily roll out of the way should more kitchen space be needed!

5. A unique spot for doing laundry

One of the great problems that many of us face is where to place the washing machine. Should it go in the garage, the kitchen, or in another spot altogether?

How about a place you’d never have thought of, like your bathroom wall? Disguising that washing machine to blend in with your wall and bathroom palette will ensure it’s anything but an eyesore, like the ingenious example pictured above.

How's that for clever bathroom storage?!

6. Clever closet ideas

Fitted Wardrobe homify BedroomWardrobes & closets Solid Wood Beige

Fitted Wardrobe


Nobody says your bed and wardrobe have to be on complete opposite ends of your bedroom. This creative space-saving idea above combines the two into a comfortable spot that saves a bunch of space and looks good while doing it.

Besides, isn’t this a much better idea than hanging up some wall art above the bed?

7. The open plan solution

Contemporary homes are no strangers to open plan layouts, and these are great space-saving solutions. 

Why? Because tearing down a wall allows you more opportunities for clever furniture, like a credenza with drawers, an ottoman that doubles as a coffee table, or a couch that transforms into a bed.

8. Underneath the bed

Most of the time we're not even aware of the space that goes unused in our homes, like under our beds. So, how about raising your dozing spot just a few more feet above the ground to include some cabinetry? 

A simple little stepladder is all you’ll need to gain access to the bed and floor, and you can be sure the amount of space you squeeze out will be worth it. 

We have some more bedroom tips – check out: 6 Extraordinary Bedroom Ideas.

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