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5 Great open-plan layout tips!

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There are 5 important points for you to consider when merging your kitchen and living room. It's not only about having space and good ventilation, it's about creating a fluid design in which the decoration and furnishings go well together without there being an overlap between the two environments. You don't want there to be a sharp separation between the kitchen and living room, but you want the relationship between the two rooms to complement one another.

Let's take a look at these inspiring designs!

1. Put thought into the design

Unifying the space between the kitchen and the living room is not only achieved by removing a separating wall, it is done by putting some extra thought into the design of the space. The kitchen and living room are two of the most important rooms in your home; they are rooms you are likely to spend most of your time in, so opening the space up in a way that suits you is important. In this image, there is plenty of space in both areas; the kitchen doesn't feel separate, but apart of this grand design—it flows into the dining room effortlessly by shared floorboards, a monochromatic color scheme and with complimentary choices in the lighting. 

2. Unified style

One rooms flows into the other effortlessly when the style is unified. in this image everything is white and works to create a glacial environment. Unifying styles can be achieved as elaborately as this example, or with subtle touches in which certain decorative elements are shared between the kitchen and living room. 

3. Lighting

For this project, an area of about 65 square meters in a house located in Milan, Italy was redesigned for a family of three people. This is an excellent example of how blending two rooms to create a space that is relaxing and recreational can owe its success to the fabrics and furnishings as well as the lighting

By choosing colors and materials compatible with one another such natural stone and polished wood to create complimentary effects  - we are shown how different materials can exist alongside one another to create harmony. The gentle lights illuminate the marvelous stylistic choices. 

4. Light and bright colors

In the case of small living rooms, it is amazing what color can do to open up space even further. Using light and bright colors not only creates an expansive look, it gives us the impression that the space is larger than it is—which is always a plus!

5. Distribution of furniture

Quebec Way, Haggerston Rousseau Modern Kitchen

Quebec Way, Haggerston


In this example, after the completion of a project in which a simple removal of a wall resulted in a wonderful unification between living room and kitchen, the combination of different designs has never worked better. What we see here is a wonderful blend of the urban industrial style with the more rustic look, and this proves just how important the distribution of furniture is when it comes to making a space feel organized and homely!

Do you think that by combining your kitchen and living room you save space in your home? 
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