8 hallways that are impossible to ignore

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Stripes, Prego Sem Estopa by Ana Cordeiro Prego Sem Estopa by Ana Cordeiro Modern Corridor, Hallway and Staircase
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Boy do we love a good entrance! And here we have collected 8 of the best, along with some tips on how you can get yours up to scratch. From eye-popping bright colours, to exotic sculptures, incredible textiles and exquisite materials, these hallways feature some details that will capture your attention (as well as your visitors').

So grab a notebook and let's take a stroll through some of the best hallways you will set your eyes on.

1. An Emerald City

You can afford to get loud in the hallway—with colours anyway. Smaller spaces take on bright colours better than larger rooms, and you don't have to necessarily match the rest of the house. 

This cheerful corridor really plays with contrasts and amps up the impact with bold tribal wall hangings. You don't have to keep things simple and streamlined in this space—use the opportunity to hang your favourite decorations and get experimental with colour.

2. Optical Illusions

This magnificent design by interior architect Ana Cordeiro from Prego Sem Estopa is one way to create an entrance. Using the length of the hallway to play with proportions and angles, she has created an incredible optical illusion. 

You too can hypnotise your guests with patterned carpets, horizontal stripes and bold colours. The classical statue and bold furnishings (that incredible yellow bench) are the icing on the cake and make this one unforgettable space.

3. Set The Limits

House in Chandlers Ford II, LA Hally Architect LA Hally Architect Modern Corridor, Hallway and Staircase
LA Hally Architect

House in Chandlers Ford II

LA Hally Architect

If it isn't obvious where your hallway starts and ends, then you can define the boundaries yourself. The team at LA Hally Architect decided to go bold and bright with a coat of cherry red on the walls to mark where this hallway is. They then extended the space by echoing the colour on the front door and placing a carpet lengthwise leading into the house to suggest traffic flow. 

You too can easily specify your own hallway, depending on where you want visitors to turn their attention to go when visitors first walk in the door. Use colour to help you call the shots. 

4. Gateway To The Stars

The reflective surfaces and mirror doors of this hallway give it a futuristic look, and also enlarges the sense of space. If you also have a narrow area leading from one room to another, make a statement and invest in some shiny materials with strategically placed lighting to make the most of the glimmer and gleam. 

Imagine this hallway at nighttime with the lights bouncing off the glass—it will be as if you have your own private gateway to the stars. Just heavenly.   

5. Material Melange

The array of textures and materials used in this house on the books of Real Estate Agents Engel & Völkers Bodrum is what puts it on our list. Together the rough stone walls next to the straw awning, and the wooden floorboards with ceramic tiling turns a fairly basic space into something noteworthy. 

Also the painted raffia light shades and high gloss wooden bench emphasise the variety of finishes and make this one hallway that you will want to linger in, just to touch it all. 

6. A Room With Many Ideas

This hallway is a book lover's dream come true, and another great example of a corridor that wasn't made just for passing through. Even if you don't own a thousand books, you can still repurpose your own corridor and turn it into a special space. 

Try adding shelves and transforming a narrow, awkward corridor into a sort of cabinet of curiosities. Or hang all of your favourite photo frames and make a feature wall from them. A hallway has endless amounts of possibilities and ideas—almost as many books as this one has! 

You can see thousands more here as well. 

7. Scented and Surrealistic

Let us describe the scene: on one side we have a barrier of wood, the other—a transparent sheet of glass, and vases of flowers and plants littered all the way in the between. While this hallway may be small and narrow, the experience you would have walking through it isn't restricted. 

A hallway of light and dark, rough and smooth, opaque and translucent, this is quite the place to be. Add to that the beautiful scent of flowers filling the space. Talk about dreamy! 

8. Turn It Inside Out

Another option for a hallway is of course, to have it outside. If you have a garden or vista worth appreciating, then consider taking the passageway to the exterior, as a type of long balcony. 

Or if you can, have half-height walls instead of full ones to make the most of the view. Add a bit of greenery and you have your own exclusive walkway connecting you with the outdoors while still being in the comfort of your own home. 

As you can see hallways come in many shapes and sizes, and can be much more than just an in-between space. For more incredible entrances and gardens, see this collection we have put together. 

Our favourite is number one because of it's energetic colours. Tell us yours below! 

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