A beautiful home hiding a few surprises…

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When you look at this home, you are immediately intrigued by its grand design. When you step inside you are definitely surprised. This house is not your average home, its three storey design, set on a large patch of land with something surprising on every corner appears as if you can open it from all sides—even from the roof like a doll's house!

Let's take a look what's behind these closed doors. 

The facade

This home blends into the landscape effortlessly. Despite its large dramatic size, it has its delicacies and this is evident with its attention to detail. The floating roofs are stunning and the neutral tones allow it to blend in with its surroundings. The use of glass on the facade and throughout the rest of the home reflect light on the inside beautifully. 

Up close

When we look at the home up close, we can start to appreciate it even more. The textures and materials used on the exterior such as the wood cladding and glass give the home a raw and natural look which blends in with the outdoors. Even though it is a house of big proportions, the neutral palette helps to keep it grounded and organic whilst the glass reflects the beautiful location it is nestled in. 

The living room

When you walk into the living room of this impressive home, you are immediately struck with its size. The living room is absolutely gorgeous with its natural light pouring in as well as the warm and welcoming tones of the space. With enough room to run around in, this grand living room leads us effortlessly into the kitchen behind it and the open plan design feels sociable and airy. 

The kitchen

This classic kitchen designed in black and white is a wonderful centerpiece of the home; it celebrates a modern chic style that brings the whole house up to date. This stunning island coupled with the granite bench tops give the whole kitchen a pristine elegance. 

Indoors and outdoors

No matter where you are in this fabulous home, the windows and doors are designed to not only let plenty of light in, they also offer breathtaking views of the back and front yard. From this angle we can see that the kitchen is even larger than we thought, and that it opens up to the terrace where there is an area to entertain in. 

The staircase

The staircase is dramatic and beautiful and connects the three storeys of this wonderful home. Its crystal fixture is an amazing addition which glitters and glimmers at the center of the home as a decorative masterpiece. The blend of glass and wood once again work to accentuate its elegance and style. 

Which room were you struck by the most in this grand home?

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