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Maison Célèbre Panneau - montecarlo, studiodonizelli studiodonizelli Modern Dining Room
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When we say that you won't believe the interior design scheme of this apartment, we really mean it, as we were absolutely blown away by the amazing use of contemporary lighting solutions and the curved flow of the living space as a whole. The design team in charge of creating and implementing the scheme here were clearly excited and passionate about this project and we can only imagine how delighted the clients must have been when they first walked in and saw the finished result. Don't just take our word for it though, come and see for yourself and prepare to feel a twinge of jealousy!

A show stopping first impression

We honestly don't know where to start with this incredible home! The shapes and fluid lines implemented here are nothing short of astounding, while the furniture choices perfectly complement the space. Modern, funky and totally unique, this is a home for a very specific client, but let's just drink in the lighting too! Found up in the ceiling, the cool neon illumination highlights the careful design and futuristic feel wonderfully and is a concurrent addition to every area!

Every room astounds

Found to the right of the main living space, this stunning formal dining room is as tasty as can be! With statement wall art and a coordinating floor cover, the ultra contemporary aesthetic has been continued with ease and more neon lighting adds a level of cohesion that is hard to beat! Attention to detail is obviously of the utmost importance here, but creating a visually stunning home hasn't overshadowed the inherent comfort and usability of each space. This is design genius at its best!

Cooking up a storm

As well as a more formal space for dining, we love that a casual spot has been included in the kitchen too. It's touches like this that show just how fit for purpose this home is and that it doesn't take itself too seriously. Yes, it's a work of art, but it's lived-in, loved and appreciated too. Clever light-up storage and ceiling lighting keep the bright, fresh vibe going, but wait until we turn around and see the main kitchen space!

Full-on and flamboyant

Wow! We've seen under cabinet lighting before, but never quite like this! Matching the main lighting perfectly, this all-white kitchen has such a space-age feel that we can't stop staring! The proportions of the room are impressive too, with even awkwardly shaped and positioned walls being perfectly accounted for to create maximum storage potential. You'd never want to venture outside if you lived here, would you?

Bold and beautiful

Have you ever seen a bathroom quite like this one? The commitment to featuring outrageous, eye-catching lighting solutions in every room is nothing short of admirable and we think that this light up tiger's eye wall panel might be our favourite! Adding warmth and style to the most functional room in the home, we can picture ourselves relaxing in a hot bath and just drinking in the sumptuous rays! The plethora of marble is so high-end too. This home should be an art gallery!

No space untouched

You might have thought that with such incredible touches throughout this apartment, the terrace may have been a little overlooked, but shame on you! This is a home that leaves nothing to chance and it should come as no surprise that even this slice of outdoor space is finished to perfection too! More statement lighting keeps it connected to the interior and with a modern retro furniture set in place too, we'd struggle to decide whether to be indoors or outside! Divine through and through!

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