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Today, we are going to take you to Vail Valley Retreat, where Denver-based design professionals, Andrea Schumacher Interiors, have created the most beautifully stylish space that will leave you feeling quite breathless. 

This country house that we will explore today is effortlessly chic and lavishly luxurious. Every last detail has been carefully considered, ensuring that this space is as stylish as it is comfortable.

Be warned: once you step foot in this environment, you'll want to stay forever!

In the middle of nowhere

This gorgeous retreat is exactly that—a space where families, friends and individuals can escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and retreat to the wilderness.

And this truly is the wilderness!

Rocks, rivers, forests and mountains surround this space, inspiring the interior design as we will soon see. Already, we can get a glimpse at the luxury and sophistication that awaits in this gorgeous building.

In this image, we catch sight of a tented room, which overlooks the landscape. This is an area that receives lots of sunshine and fresh air, where visitors can relax in comfort while still feeling one with nature. 

The homely interiors

If we start to explore the retreat, we come across a lavish living room.

The living room features a neutral tones and wooden features, which makes for a very earthy and homely look and feel. The plush patterned rug and plump cushions bring in a sense of comfort. 

If we start to look at the details of this space, we can see how the interior design is inspired by the wilderness that surrounds it. The cushions are animal print while pot plants introduce nature to the interior.

In the corner of the room, there is a cozy fireplace, which doubles up as a design element as well as a functional element. Can't you imagine relaxing in this space with a glass of wine or a cup of hot chocolate, overlooking the panoramic surrounds? The large glass windows ensure that you always feel like you are outside, even if you are snuggled up indoors!

Luxurious bedrooms

The designers have brought a very elegant and classic look and feel to the bedrooms. It's all in the detail!

In this bedroom, we can see how the curtains on the walls and across the windows add height to the room, while the patterned ceiling brings in a new and eclectic touch. This is enhanced by the lavish lamp that hangs from the ceiling.

The dark walls are wonderful, contrasting with the natural light that streams into the space. The designers have also added a splash of red here and there, breaking up the neutral tones. 

Have you ever seen such an interesting room?

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The perfect terrace

In this image, we can see how a study area spills out onto a gorgeous wooden terrace, which features wicker canoes as forms of decor. This is a wonderful example of how the interior and exterior spaces communicate with one another. The large glass doors slide back, visually and physically expanding the inside of the home.

Wood also plays a dominant role in the design, as is evident here. Wood is a wonderful material for the exterior space as it is durable and will last in all weather conditions. It also looks beautiful too!

The little plants of flowers and trees introduce a more natural element, while visually enhancing the exterior space.

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The outdoor tent

This tented area, which we saw in the first image, is an example of an outdoor tented bedroom. Camping has never looked so good.

This may be a tented room, but it is jam-packed with all of the comforts and luxuries that you would find in a five-star hotel. 

Like in the bedroom that we explored, splashes of red have been injected into this area, bringing color and charm to the environment. Soft rugs, comfortable armchairs and pieces of artwork transform this space into a luxurious room.

Star light, star bright

We end off our tour looking at the retreat from a slight distance, where we can see just how grand and magnificent it is. The architecture blends seamlessly into the natural surrounds, while still remaining very elegant. 

Soft lights have been installed throughout the exterior, enhancing the detailed facade. They also create a soft and romantic glow, while allowing guests and visitors to see where they are going at night.

The interior space and exterior space flow between one another, which makes for a very social and interactive building that truly is a retreat!

Would you like a retreat to this house in the forest?

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