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Who does not love the sweet sound of trickling water in a serene green landscape? True, but for most of us, having a fountain at home is no less than a dream.This beautiful natural effect is created by a water fountain placed in your backyard or open garden. Moreover, a fountain brings serenity and tranquility to the place. homify offers you a wide range of fountain ideas designed by some of the best designers in the industry.

Rustic design

This wonderful fountain is the focal point of a 45-year-old construction. It has a plain and simple design with no fancy embellishments or architecture. It reminds us of those classic round designs centrally placed in a large area of your garden. This rustic design is supplemented by the addition of colourful planters that seamlessly blend with the vibrant and green surroundings.

Black & white

This is a beautiful fountain built along the garden wall that instantly adds elegance and charm to the green garden. Subtle blue LED lamps underneath the fountain further enhance the blue hues of the water. This versatile fountain not only accentuates the beauty of the place, but also helps in garden drainage. Prudent placement of relaxing chairs alongside the fountain helps you enjoy a tranquil water effect in a serene green landscape.


Modern and contemporary, this fountain design is by far the most intriguing as it completely transforms the look and feel of the garden. The wise placement of this centerpiece not only adds an elegant attraction to the place, but also adds a cooling and soothing effect that makes you to spend more and more time in the lap of nature. This compact and stylish fountain proves that beauty can be created in smaller areas as well. The rock textured stones not only complement the fountain, but also provide an attractive walking path.

Symmetrically sophisticated

Steel and stones are a match made in heaven, especially when used in such ingenious manner. The sleek rectangular progressive pillars make a sophisticated fountain spot in a small garden. This unique design does not employ any fancy architecture, instead, uses stones for imparting a pure earthy look. The elegant unit stylishly sits on a scattered stone bed overlooking the gracious green lawn. This design is perfect for country side houses and resorts. 

Tree fountain

This beautiful curvaceous fountain is deeply inspired by nature. This particular fountain creates an artificial rain effect by water trickling from the leaves just like in monsoon season. It casts a rather romantic spell with cooling water amidst the sunny skies and impressive green lawns. This is an ideal spot to spend a lazy afternoon in the company of a book or your loved ones.


This traditional fountain reminds you of European country houses built during colonial times. A perfect afternoon retreat, this fountain displays an artistic work of bricks and stones. The leveled brick base forms the periphery while the stone work and figurines make an ideal center piece. This design sits proudly in an idyllic environment with colourful shrubs thus making the area look brighter and delightful.

For smaller gardens

This water fountain is specially designed for smaller gardens. The elongated design creates an appearance of space. The calming sound of water cascading through a sleek rectangular channel and falling on the pebble filled platform is certainly music to one’s ears. The squishing sound of water, the presence of dense pebbles and the luxurious green surroundings create an alluring effect of a rain forest inside your very own premises. It is an ideal dining spot with black metal chairs and stone platform dining table completing a finished look.

Stepping stones

This compact design from The Contemporary Oasis, designed by Kevin cooper garden design can easily fit in one corner of your garden. It looks the best with an array of similar fountains, sitting perfectly in all four corners of your garden. The white slabs create an effect of stepping stones towards the free falling water that along with the dark wall creates an effect of a waterfall. This modern garden accessory is built on a raised platform to match the base of the planters thus creating a unified effect. All in all, it is a great water feature for those who want a splendid design in a restricted space. There are endless combinations of gardens and fountains. However, we have still tried to bring you a few most popular designs for both large and small garden areas. For more such designs and ideas, you can scroll through the vast database on homify.

Looking for more fountain design ideas for your garden? Do checkout this ideabook on 6 water fountain ideas which is also a great resource. 

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