7 Tricks to give your home a low-cost luxury makeover

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It's safe to say we all love a bit of elegance and luxury in our homes. But it's not often that we all can afford it. For those who are willing to use a bit of creativity and intelligence, we have compiled a list of 7 insider tips that will inject a touch of grandeur into your house without blowing the budget. 

Now even the most frugal spender can have sparkling chandeliers, expensive furniture, polished floors, opulent curtains and extravagant embellishments. Follow these tips and it will look like you have spent a million dollars on your home without hiring a single interior designer or decorator. 

1. Make elegant lighting a focal point

The thing that elevates this room is the lighting. No matter the style of your furniture, the colour of your walls, or how big your space is, if you make the focal point an incredible chandelier or hanging light, your house will become a palace. 

The effect of this chandelier is magnified by the hanging mirror behind it and the polished tables underneath it. Expand the glitz and glamour with reflective surfaces. Go find an amazing light feature and get ready to shine! 

2. Organise and Prioritize

A crucial part to any magnificent home is cleanliness and tidiness. When you eliminate clutter and put everything away that you don't need, you let the space speak for itself. 

It's not saying you can't have personal decorations or sentimental touches, just make sure you have storage space for messy paperwork, and that surfaces are left clean and clear. Messiness is never attractive! 

3. Fake It Till You Make It

If you want to give the impression of elegance and luxury, then it doesn't have to be the real thing, by any means. Not many people can afford (or want) real fur in their homes, so the best thing may be just to add a synthetic fur throw, or even fake fur cushion covers to your couch. 

It will add a different texture to your room, and instantly spell out p.a.n.a.c.h.e. 

4. Great Art Makes Great Walls

If you have large blank walls, you have the perfect place to hang an eye catching artwork. It's an easy way to carry the same colour theme through into your decorations. For example, try hanging a canvas digitally printed with your favourite photograph to personalise your room. 

A cityscape, natural landscape or even an abstract pattern are a great idea for feature walls without being too dramatic. Instant style and sophistication. 

See the difference adding artwork makes with these great examples

5. Develop A Green Thumb

Probably the quickest and easiest way to turn your house into your own castle is to make sure there are flowers, and that they are kept fresh and bright. Either by having potted plants scattered throughout your house, a manicured garden and lawn, or simple stacking vases full of cut flowers.  

Not only do they look dazzling, they will add an irresistible aroma to the air, making you feel like you are staying in a high-class hotel everyday. 

6. Get Luxurious With Bed Linens

Even the most humble bedroom can be decked out to look like a queen's chambers with the right choice of fabrics. Make sure you have plenty of cushions, throws, carpets and curtains. Keep the colours neutral, or at least subdued, and choose different textures. The thread count doesn't have to be high, but try to avoid synthetic fabrics. Go for linen and cotton instead.

Another pro tip: hang your curtains higher than the window and it will give the illusion of high ceilings. 

For more grand master bedrooms check this collection out. 

7. Get Deluxe Without Getting Into Debt

With the right choice of furniture and colour palette, a room can have an unforgettable style. This bedroom looks like it has been designed head to toe by professionals, and you too can easily recreate this look. If your furniture isn't matching, simply paint it all the same colour. Sand wooden doors and stain floorboards to get that perfect shabby chic look. Keep bedlinen fresh and modern. Construct your own four poster bed with inexpensive materials. 

When you can, buy second hand, get friends to help with manual labour and upcycle furniture. If you are willing to do a bit of D.I.Y you can easily live like a monarch without spending much. 

If you love these tips, then check out this guide on how to turn small apartments from nothing, into something. 

Do you have any of your own inexpensive tips? If so, share with our other readers in the comments section below! 

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