The home that shows white is more than alright!

Leigh Leigh
Apartment - Via Crespi - Milano, Fabio Azzolina Architetto Fabio Azzolina Architetto Kitchen
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Italian professionals Fabio Azzolina Architects, are experts when it comes to modern design and chic finishes. They're from Milan after all!

In fact, where else would we go to find such cutting-edge sophistication and impressive architecture?

This is exactly why we are going to explore a wonderful white house today, designed by these innovative Italian geniuses. What we will learn today is how white can be used for both the interior and exterior design of a home, resulting in the most elegant look and feel.

Are you ready to learn just how alright white can be?

White is just right

If we peek into the living space of this home, we can see how white is the dominant tone throughout. Yet, it isn't too stark or jarring thanks to the wonderfully warm wooden flooring. 

The furniture in the living room offers a splash of colour while the rug brings in some comfort and style. You'll also notice that there is a big vase of flowers in this space, which introduces a natural touch of decor. 

Do you see how natural light flows through the home, enhanced by the white walls? This is a great design tip!

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It's all in the detail!

If we look a little bit closer at the very modern living room, we can see how the little details play such a big role!

We've already mentioned the vase of flowers and the refreshing touch that it brings this space, but let's have a look at the artwork on the walls. These are very carefully selected pieces, which bring a subtle form of elegance and sophistication to the room. Remember for a space like this, you could also put picture frames on the walls of family photographs or snaps from holidays. Your personality can breathe new life into the living spaces.

We can also see how the designers have strategically placed two little pots under the side table, which add charm and character to the room. This is quirky and different!

The white dining room

If we head into the dining room and the kitchen, we can see how white is so incredibly effective, contrasting beautifully with the wooden dining room chairs and the pot plants in this space. It also shows us how striking a white kitchen can be, creating a very hygienic and sleek looking space.

White also brings in a sense of minimalism, which is enhanced by the effective use of storage space throughout this home. Anything that isn't functional or necessary is stored neatly out of sight.

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Make the most of vertical space

In a minimalist and modern home, you want to make the most of the space available to you without allowing the rooms to become overcrowded or cluttered.

Shelves are an excellent way to achieve this, giving you an abundance of space for storing books or putting picture frames or decor items on display. In this home, we can see how the entire length of a wall has been utilized for shelves. An entire library is stored here, without taking up an inch of floor space.

We can also see how the walls have been utilized for more artwork, which break up the white spaces and add some interesting patterns and designs to the environment.

An all white bathroom

The bathroom is where we end off our tour today, where we can see how white is the perfect dominant shade for this area. It creates a very serene and tranquil space, becoming a peaceful haven where a person can relax in a bubble bath or wind down after a long day.

The white is broken up in this room by the marble flooring, which brings a very elegant look and feel to the space. Marble is a great material to utilize in a bathroom!

The vintage mirror and shelves add a unique twist to the all-white design, while there is plenty of storage space keeping linen and towels neatly packed away.

What do you think of white as a dominant color in a home?

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