How much does a modern house like this really cost?

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Advances in prefabricated concrete construction are bringing house prices way down. The biggest advances are being made in economies that are experiencing a boom period in private ownership and, as such, are home to construction companies that are pioneering methods that are less than traditional and, in a highly competitive market, are bringing prices way down. 

From the street, this small house looks amazing with its sleek modern design features and inside it it similarly chic and contemporary. Located in Puebla, Mexico, the low cost architectural and building principles here can be emulated the world over for dream home that is kind to the wallet. Let’s take a closer look to find out how much it will cost to build modern homes.

Low cost concrete frame

Working to a pre-established design and using slabs of concrete cast off-site and transported over to be put in place, the cost per square meter is incredibly low. The home consists of two levels, with the cost per square meter averaging out to an upper limit of about US$170. The roof, foundation work and installation of electrical, plumbing and heating systems in modern concrete homes cost about US$22,750 and the bill for the chic interior decoration cost another US$12,200. 

Finishing the exterior

The house's prefabricated design and construction meant it was up and ready to be fitted out in very little time. The home consists of a lower floor containing a recessed kitchen, dining room and living room of approximately 45 square meters, a shower room with laundry facilities and a separate hall with a large wardrobe.

The second floor has three bedrooms in a row, two bathrooms on the corners and one more in the center of the house adjacent to the interior stairwell.

Ground floor living and dining

The ground floor has been fitted out with modern furnishings along the entire length of the house, combining living and dining areas together for the ultimate in communal living space. Shielded from the street by louvred fencing, this long room is flooded with light but also private. 

Upstairs bedrooms

Three small bedrooms of 12 square meters each line the upstairs portion of the house, furnished in s similar minimal style with large floor to ceiling windows with blinds, and laminated walls with recesses that can be sued for storage or a television. 

Three modern bathrooms

While a separate shower downstairs gives guests and residents a little more room to move, three modern bathrooms are located upstairs, one for each bedroom, and are miniature modern masterpieces. Marble-topped sinks and glass shower cubicles are lit up by fantastic skylights that provide light and ventilation. There's a bathroom at each end of the house, plus one in the centre by the stairway. 

Cost rundown for the finished home

1. Materials for casting frame homes—US$22,750

2. Work on filling (not in peak season)—US$6,000

3. Communication systems, heating, roofing, foundation - US$22,750

4. Easy finishing (tiles, laminate flooring, plastering and painting)—US$7,500

5. Construction overheads and transport costs—US$4,600

6. The site (in this case) - US$4,600 

7. Architectural drafting and design—US$2,000

8. Main raised living floor interior archictecture—from US$1,500 to US$4,600 (wood, concrete). 

9. Glazing (6 large windows costing US$610, and 6 small windows for US$230—US$5,040. 

10. That's a total of just about US$80,000 for a 140 square meter house at this location!

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How to work out a budget to build a modern house

There’s no fixed formula for estimating the cost of building a new house. It can vary based on several factors such as the floor plan, type of materials used for its construction, quality of materials, architectural style, and the builder you plan to use. Also, there are other costs to include such as preparation of the site, permit fees, labor costs, special features and finishes of the exterior and interiors. Before you start the build, it’s best to get an idea of the cost per square feet from the architect or builder and then make realistic allowances for slight overruns that could result from unanticipated expenses.

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