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An industrial style renovation!

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The interior of homes seem to become outdated more swiftly than the exteriors, but there is hope yet in a tasteful renovation. Currently, the construction of new properties is ever increasing, and this means that the vacancy rate also continues to grow at a very high percentage. It is also natural that dwellings and housing become outdated, while only the aging of the building itself is not a problem.

If the interior of your house do not fit the lifestyle that has changed as the age progresses, and the apartment itself is cramped, it may leave you in a housing situation far below your expectations. A renovation enables us to achieve a standard of living we are comfortable with, and which suits your own style, regardless of whether the property is old or new.

Diversity is often the key in improving a quality of life, and may also be the best way to respond in a renovation and in taking advantage of a vacant house. To demonstrate who one can diversify by means of a renovation, we are pleased to introduce to you this project by Reborn Cuberestoration and renovation experts in Japan, where a unit in an old housing complex takes on a new life.

Before: Traditional style floorplan

In the previous arrangement, each room had been partitioned by a sliding door to separate the room, keeping each of them independent of one another. There had been no feeling of connection within the house, creating a dark overall impression.

After: Unique and unified living space

With the removal of the partitions, we now see a single, unified space borne, such as a studio apartment. The deep navy-coloured floor and dark brown fixtures and furniture creates a sense of harmony, giving a unique and fashionable impression that reigns across the interior.

The priority had been the ceiling height, which is a popular trend and the exposed piping and wiring is well suited to the space’s industrial style. This also creates a sense of depth in the area, making the room feel larger and warmer.

Before: Feel the aged kitchen

Here we can see the space which incorporates the kitchen and dining room, divided by a change in the type of floor. This halfhearted and uninspiring flooring division looks awkward and out of place, much as the rest of the area.

After: Renewed switching of space

Instead of two disjointed space as we saw before, we can now see a single and unified room that looks coherent and harmonious. The existing ceiling had been lifted in order to obtain a sense of openness to make the very same area feel much larger and more comfortable.

The aged kitchen features have been swapped for stylish ones of stainless steel, which gives the space a perfect modern impression. In conjunction with the wall surfaces, tiles, and indirect lighting, these new features makes for a beautifully transformed space in an industrial style.

Before: Discoloured wash room

In the bathroom, we can also feel the decades of wear and aging that has taken place in the interior, rendering the atmosphere drab and outdated. The functionality and size is also not optimal in this space.

After: A fluid redesigned interior

The bathroom and washing machine space has been redesigned in its entirety, including the interior. The size of the simple wash basin bowl streamlines the space, and allows for excellent ease of use. With such a minimal and simplistic space, it is easy to customise the area according to the inhabitant’s needs.

Before: Aging and dirt a concern

This old-fashioned tiled bathroom is a space that can cause much pain by through the concurrent accumulation of dirt and aging of the tiles. Such a lack of cleanliness gives a cold impression.

After: A stylish bathroom

Through the re-tiling of the entire space, it has been transformed into a modern, stylish bathroom. The division of space in this new arrangement also offers improved usability. Through this we get the impression of a model room. Because the bathroom is a space we use every day, it should reflect the rest of the home’s interior.

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