Kitchen design: 6 beautifully organized kitchens

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The kitchen is the heart of the home and the space where people tend to spend most of their time. It is a space for cooking and entertaining and usually given the most detail when designing a home. A kitchen should be welcoming, beautiful, and most of all, organized.

The most traditional form of kitchen organization is the work triangle, which creates imaginary lines from the centers of the cooktop, stove, and refrigerator to form a perfectly flowing kitchen workspace. This design strategy insures that you are not running in circles around your kitchen while cooking a meal. 

The work triangle is perfect for any kitchen, no matter the size. Below are a few examples of this kitchen design strategy to think about before your kitchen remodel.

1. Incorporating double ovens into the triangle

Generally, the oven is located directly under the stove so the triangle system works perfectly. However, for those who prefer double ovens, don't fret just yet! For example, the double ovens in this kitchen are located right next to the refrigerator, which keeps with the same concept but with a different pattern. The organization of this kitchen is a great example for when your stove and ovens are not in the same location but still want to adhere to a cohesive working environment.

2. A typical kitchen layout

Many larger kitchens tend to have a U-shaped design with plenty of counter space. This is a great to put the fridge in the middle of the kitchen so that it is easily accessible at all times. The stove and sink will sit on two other counter tops and still have a completely empty counter for dining, entertaining, or clutter-free cooking.

3. Weird angles pose no problems for the triangle

The beauty of the work triangle is that no matter how your kitchen is angled or the structure is built, you can still have a functional working space. For example, this kitchen has the stove off to the corner, adjacent to the sink, and then on the angle we can see double ovens and a large refrigerator, perfect example of the combination of style and functionality.

4. Bring the island into the triangle

A kitchen island works wonders in any kitchen and adds extra workspace, seating and storage. You can incorporate the work triangle without changing anything. Just add a stove or sink in the middle to make the room flow easily. This kitchen, for example, has a large five burner stove on the island and forms an equilateral triangle with the French door refrigerator and large sink.

5. Perfect for small kitchens

Even small kitchens can use this genius organization tip! In fact, it is most important so that multiple people can work in the same small space without getting in the way. The sink has open counter space on either side for to separate work zones, one close to the stove for cooking and one for preparation next to the sink. Just remember to keep the countertops free of clutter to maximize the workflow.

6. Don't forget the outdoor kitchen

outdoor kitchen, wood-fired oven wood-fired oven Modern Garden outdoor kitchen,BBQ
wood-fired oven

outdoor kitchen

wood-fired oven

If you have an outdoor kitchen, it is equally as important for this space to flow just as easily as your indoor kitchen. This will create an environment that is easy for outdoor cooking and general entertaining. Of course the oven is replaced with the barbecue in this instance but the sink and refrigerator remain the same, just smaller. A large countertop is essential for preparing large cuts of meats or even a space for guests to gather around.

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