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Glass is a multi utility product that can be easily incorporated at many places while designing a home. Be it in the interior or exterior of a home, glass could both be a functional as well as a décor element and the facade of a house is no exception. Over the years, the architects and exterior contractors have realized the potential of glass as the basal component for a home’s front and are coming up with brilliant design ideas incorporating this versatile element. I hereby invite you to take a look at some amazing façade ideas of houses where the humble glass has lent depth, great elegance & easy maintenance, and above all, a million dollar look… Come on!

Glassy Dazzle in Wood & White

This huge house exudes elegance in bright white design with wood paneling adding a warm & sophisticated contrast.  At the entrance, glass predominates complementing the illumination that feeds the inside along with the outside, making the frontage the main highlight. The beautifully manicured lawn adds further to the neat grace of the shining exterior.

An Artsy Camouflage

Privacy gets curtailed, when using glass in the facade. A very clever & graceful way of taking care of this issue is through artwork or a small garden in exterior. This photo shows an example with both- stunning artwork and a small garden in front of the clear glass window- a really beautiful view from the inside as well as outside of the glass, creating a chic camouflage.

Clear, Green & Woodsy

This design presents a stunning facade achieved by teaming up glass with wood & other natural elements, and a lush green landscaping. The glass caters to the functionality aspect and offers a lovely view. The open terrace, with the wooden dining set up, loungers and a see through glass pane boundary, adds a refined charm to the home.

The Elegant Balancing Act

The unique design beautifully employs glass for almost its entire facade, offering a spectacular view of the tidy & brilliantly lit interior. The glass gives an impression of an infinite space that has been elegantly decked up in a modular fashion. The clever positioning of the gate and the manicured lawn lifts the home, bringing it on a level ground, allowing the passersby an enchanting sight.

Crystal Clear Poise

The remarkable idea in this photo presents a facade almost entirely made of glass, even the roof. Hinting at an aquarium, this unique space could be called a glass house replete with contemporarily luxurious interiors.  In this design, the functionality of a transparent house can be seen in the midst of green surroundings. The hues of dusk, the bluish lights from the pool and the bright interior lighting combine to give this glassy marvel a unique aura.

Keeping it Natural

Natural light is a luxury and this photo celebrates a design that maximizes natural illumination. In this facade, maximum possible natural light for the interiors is ensured by glass ceilings, doors & walls to allow entry of natural light as long as possible. Saving on artificial lighting and a stylish aspect- this is a win-win situation!

Surreal Reflection of Allure

This facade has a divine feel to it. Completely integrated with the tranquil surroundings, the facade lends the home a unique out-of-this-world elegance. The green roof, the reflection of the home in still water and the warmth of the lights complement the glass facade beautifully. The glass facade opens entirely inwards and in this view, we can see a part of the meticulously designed tasteful interiors.

Splendid from Within

The façade idea in this photo taken from the inside shows how usage of glass can create landscapes according to the room. Trees visible outside the glass doors give the landscape a beautiful soothing touch, with the leaves reflecting the light inside. Sitting in the lounge area, one could enjoy the green aesthetic vista through the transparent doors leading up to the balcony. Glass has also been incorporated for the ceiling as well as furniture & décor inside.

Glass and Metallic Gloss

Visibly inspired by the minimalist design, this visually appealing facade depicts the use of glass in portraying different living spaces separated exteriorly by narrow metallic frames. The large curtains ensure privacy for home-style comfort. The elevated home looks elegant with the absence of ceiling in sight; the manicured lawns flanking the pavement and the greens on the top of the house create a great contrast with the metal frames. A reduction in dimensions should not mean compromising on the sophistication quotient- this is the message lucidly conveyed by this facade idea.

Take a look at this english home to see how glass uplifts not only the facade, but the entire home.

How has glass transformed the exterior of your home? Share with us!

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