Absolutely amazing bathroom renovations

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These absolutely amazing bathroom renovations will make you start thinking about renewing and revitalizing your own bathroom. Sometimes revamping your bathroom feels like you have renovated your whole home because it makes such a difference to the living space you use daily. These bathroom transformations will certainly get you thinking about changing a few things, especially if you have an outdated bathroom. 

Let's take a look. 

1. Before: blast from the past

A green colored basin and bathtub are something you would find in your grandmother's old house where things have not been updated for many years. The dull tiles on the wall coupled with the brown floor make you feel closed-in and uninspired. 

Let's see how how this bathroom became contemporary!

After: brand new

At first glance you would not expect this to be the same bathroom in which dark colors thrived. The fresh new white elements are what the interior decorators suggest to open up narrow spaces. After removing the sink and the bathtub and changing the bathroom to a pure white with a lovely mirror to add depth—this bathroom is now first class. 

The replacement of the traditional bathtub with glass walls and wooden drawers at the bottom of the basin has provided space to move freely inside the bathroom.

2. Before: outdated

Whilst white is a good color for bathrooms, after years of ware and tear, it can begin to look lackluster and drab, especially if nothing has been updated for years. 

After: new design

White is still prominent, but it is stylish and trendy this time. What's the secret? It lies in the way it is used alongside black to create an elegant contrast. With the traditional bathtub gone, and a shower screen installed, the bathroom is small but beautiful.

3. Before: lacking something

This rooftop bathroom has so much potential to become even better than it is. But it feels like there is something lacking such as space, color and style. When this project is fully complete, you will be surprised at the transformation!

After: A touch of paradise in your roof

The difference between the two images is that the blue ceiling has really worked to create an elegant paradise. Small touches and decorations have given it a subtle finish. 

4. Before: a lackluster atmosphere

This bathroom design suffers from the same problem as the first model. Its shape is old and outdated, not leaving much room for you to enjoy it.The lamp hanging from the ceiling is an entirely different color which makes things appear mismatched. 

The bathroom turns into an impressive beauty with the transformation it undergoes. Take a look!

After: goodbye traditional bathroom

This bathroom has just experienced a comprehensive change. Instead of a traditional bathtub that took up the whole space, the bathing area is now surrounded with transparent glass that adds depth. The lighting has been replaced with something more convenient whilst the basin is simple yet elegant. All the elements work together to create a space that is for optimal use. 

5. Before: an old shell

There is nothing inspiring about this old shell of a bathroom. Whilst it is neat and tidy, it does not stand out. It is neither stylish nor unusual and the colors are outdated. 

After: elegance and beauty

With a touch of the nautical, this is certainly a favorite. Using neutral colors and a perfect contract of grey-blue and white, the sheer elegance of this bathroom is inspiring. 

Giving new meaning to organized spaciousness, the beauty is in the detail. It is amazing what the right bathroom accessories can do!

What in your bathroom would you change to give it a make-over?

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