7 Common design mistakes for small bathrooms

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Designing a stylish and functional space is difficult to begin with. Pair this task with a small square footage and things get a bit tricky. Small bathrooms are an all too common occurrence in many homes and can be hard to design in an elegant and practical way. 

It's very easy to make a mistake while designing a small bathroom because you need to have the essentials, a toilet, a shower or bathtub, and a sink. With just a bit of creative thinking these common design mistakes can be transformed into a gorgeous and functional bathroom, no matter how small the space is.

1. Forgetting to be creative

Small spaces are a great way to show creativity, it's not only fun but can distract from the size of the space. Play around with various colors and designs, with paint, tile, or even some nice artwork. A funky wallpaper or interesting mosaic along the walls will make for a focal point in your small bathroom.

2. Using regular features

Don't just choose a regular vanity or bathtub, play around with different styles so that you can add dimension and maximize space in your bathroom. Also don't be afraid to use pieces in an unconventional way, for example how this bathroom has photos hanging on top of the mirror or how the sink bowl is offset from the cabinets below. Choose pieces that will add uniqueness to your small space.

3. Adding extra walls

By adding a glass door you will close off some of the bathroom and make the space feel even smaller. Forego an encased shower for a shower curtain to open the space up and increase the square footage of your bathroom.

4. Choosing all white

White is a fall back color for many bathrooms. It evokes cleanliness and attempts to make a space feel larger. White can also make a bathroom feel too sterile and not very inviting. Opt for neutral tones to add a tranquil vibe without being too bold. Mix materials and different neutral colors to create your own zen color palette and also make your small bathroom feel bigger.

5. Forgetting about the walls

The walls in your bathroom may make the space seem small but this is a great chance to have fun with them. Add an accent wall to draw the attention away from the size of the space. A bold color or creative material will make the rest of your white features pop and also create a statement piece in your bathroom. For example, this floor to ceiling marble tile adds interesting texture while also complimenting the rest of the white features.

6. Cluttering small spaces with big features

Small bathrooms are the perfect time to try a minimalistic design approach. Choosing features that don't go all the way to the floor will instantly add space. Choose vanities without cabinets or toilets that are mounted onto the wall to open the space up without looking too cluttered.

7. Overlooking the impact of mirrors

Mirrors are the best way to make any space look bigger. By adding mirrors along the length of one wall will make your space seem much larger. Do this with cabinets or just a regular hanging mirror and watch how it instantly opens up the bathroom. Add a small ledge underneath to display some knick-knacks or even for extra storage.

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