15 Ways to make a dramatic entrance

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We all want to get noticed for the right reasons, and when it comes to our homes and dwellings, it's no different. Having architecture and design that represents our personality and aesthetic is important, so it's crucial that we get it right. And that we get it right from the beginning—starting with the entranceway. It's the first thing visitors see and is a crucial space that sets the tone for the rest of the property. 

The entranceway is a powerful statement about the owners that live inside and a great way to express your style and taste. So to assist you on your quest for finding that special design that suits you, we have collected some of the best ideas for creating, or revamping your entranceway. 

1. Illuminated wood and water

The use of lights installed underneath wood and in water makes for a dramatic, staggered entrance to this modern property. 

2. Contrast in textures and tones

The rough stone feature wall stands out next to the polished metal in this gateway. Mix materials and textures for maximum impact.  

3. Step it up!

Amp up the effect of stairs leading to your doorway with a border garden and planter boxes. Play with lines and angles like this fabulous home. 

4. Keep it au naturel

You don't have to go overboard on the details: sometimes simple is better. This matching deck and doorway lets the beauty of natural wood speak volumes against the plain white exterior wall. 

5. Play with shapes and colours

This grand entranceway is playful and elegant at the same time. Keep experimenting with different materials and forms until you get the look you are after. 

6. Stray from the path

Don't keep things on the straight and narrow. Creating unusual lines like this paved walkway is what makes something unusual and different. 

7. Highlight the weird bits

Use the awkward features of your property to your advantage. If you have a sloping garden like this home, then get creative with planting and install lights in the stairs as stand out features. 

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8. Think big!

If you want to create a statement of opulence and style, then go big on size, and keep it symmetrical. The effect will be something like this palatial entrance to a house fit for a king or queen. 

9. Crystal clear

Together the huge, impressive windows of this stunning home and the sparkling waters of the outside pool create quite the sight. You can't go wrong with the combination of glass and water.

Here are a few more examples of glorious swimming pools to inspire you to take the dip and install your very own. 

10. Two sides of the same coin

This facade is very cool indeed. A green pillar (with matching pot plant) placed right next to the wide wooden door (and matching leaf pot) is an easy way to spruce up a boring old cream exterior. 

11. A stone's throw

Just because it's practical, doesn't mean it has to be a bore! The stones of different sizes means this staircase is dramatic, and not a snooze fest. Try creating a feature from the same material, but in different colours or proportions.

12. Stunningly sparse

The power of this entranceway lies in what isn't there, and uses simplicity and minimal embellishment to create an unforgettable look. The low maintenance garden is also perfect for those who hate getting their hands dirty!

13. Soft around the edges

A garden doesn't have to be as complicate as you might think. Strategically placed pots filled with plants could be all the green you need to keep a tiled area looking too sterile.

14. Good feng shui

Try using unusual materials like bamboo and red gravel to create an impression and create harmonious lines. Horizontal and vertical angles work perfectly together here and we bet it's also got good feng shui! 

15. The signature of an artist

If you are looking to express your creativity and individuality, try adding an artistic sculpture to your property. Your home will be as fashionable and trendy as the city art gallery, especially if you can colour coordinate your sculpture with your door. A modern masterpiece! 

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