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A house's style can be inferred from its bathroom, and modern is the way to go. Indeed, if the style of its inhabitants confirmed somewhere in the house, it is in the bathroom. Decorating a living room or a bedroom with a particular style is relatively easy, but the bathroom is generally left to the end or downplayed for being that intimate and private haven reserved for personal use. 

In this ideabook we will present 30 modern bathrooms, which will not only provide you with inspiration, but will demonstrate that the bathroom can also be a great atmosphere when the interior design is done right. Each of these bathrooms are avant-garde and original, some sophisticated, and conservative others. However, all have the seal of registered modernity.

Walk with us, then, to look at these ideas and build your own proposals, modify or redecorating the bathroom that today does not have a definite style but tomorrow may become a benchmark of modernity.

Wood in all its glory

Although wood is welcome in all areas, perhaps it is more associated with a rustic style rather than that of modernity, leaving the latter for other materials such as steel, cement and glass. But here a sample where wood is the protagonist without losing its modern side.

A visual game

This is a young design, with movement, which breaks the surrounding stillness. The geometric design we see here is attractive and novel.

The elegance of grey

Grey, white and a touch of wood for a bathroom that excels in simplicity and modernism. Remember, it may be a advisable to enlist the help of a professional if you are looking to completely change your bathroom. 

An indoor garden

Taking a shower next to a private garden is a luxury that not everyone can afford. If it is impossible to add a garden to your bathroom, you can always include plants in pots or vases. The detail of vibrant color in towels and the carpet breaks the monochrome environment.


Glass is one of the materials concerning modern style. In this bathroom the use of screens or glass walls to separate the shower and bathtub area with the rest of the bathroom is a great option.


Fresh green tiles provide a clean and young look.


Another example coating with small  tiles but larger than the previous proposal. Providing easy maintenance and cleaning, here we opted for a clear and bright color.

Combining textures

Play with different patterns and textures on the walls is an innovative and striking detail. 

Black and white

In this modern bathroom, the choice of white and black results in elegance and sophistication.

Floating mirrors

The arrangement of two large mirrors, as if suspended in the air and in the middle of the room, is an innovative and original resource that, besides being attractive and modern, has the advantage of visually expanding the site and increasing the brightness by the reflection.

Design and colour

A wall completely covered with colorful ceramic and varied designs transforms a simple bath into an original and bold bathroom.

Metal and steel

Another simple and modern combination: metal and steel have strong and captivating personalities.This bath is an example of that.

Pastel colours

In contrast to the previous proposal, this is a delicate bathroom, with pastel colors and is yet modern and original.

The shower as protagonist

Again the mosaic tiles in the bathroom, but this time in a localized to the shower sector. 

Combining floor and wall

This is a harmonious bathroom, where the details are very important. In this proposal the use of the floor covering for the area of the wall of the bathtub is a great success in design.

Pure energy

Here we have a bold, young and super modern bathroom. 

Photos and more photos

Mozaiki z płytek, Deeco Deeco Modern Bathroom

The bathroom is also a place to decorate with the most precious and intimate memories and objects. Portraits of different sizes, small boxes with photos, postcards or sheets. 

Everything in its place

This premise holds true for any environment, not just for the bathroom: an ordered space is a cute and happy space. 

Futuristic geometry

A visual game offers this modern bathroom coated with a geometric design that looks futuristic.

Dividing wall

A great resource to visually divide a modern bathroom environment like this: an original wall with large openings that serve as shelves.

Rustic modernity

The strong presence of nature in this ultra modern bathroom is original and daring. Large tree trunks that seem freshly cut divider arranged as environment.

Formal texture

A formal and conservative option with the sole inclusion of total textured coating on the walls.

Lights and elegance

Here we have another modern and elegant proposal where the sober decor is combined with efficient lighting.

Modern integration

A modern bathroom is a sign that the whole house adheres to this style. This proposal presents an environment that integrates bedroom and bathroom through a practical and functional wall with sliding doors.

Roundness vs straight lines

Here is a modern bathroom with many details to note: the cork coating of the walls blends perfectly with wood and mosaics. 

Multiple materials

Porcelain and wood combines for an ultramodern atmosphere. Anything goes if you know how to combine and balance it.

Modern functionality

Functionality is, without a doubt, one of the most valued qualities in a bathroom. Here, practicality combined with the delicate design of details provide a rustic and modern atmosphere at the same time. 

More black and white

Again this combination of a classic: white and black blend together harmoniously in different coatings in which each brings its particular uniqueness.

Bright colours

Lighting is a very useful tool when decorating and livening up a room. In this vibrant and colorful bathroom, lighting brings modernity and freshness.

Sheer audacity

Those who like to innovate can dare to implement crazy combinations, contrasts and levels. Here is a proposal which is modern and unsurpassed. 

Have you found something to inspire your own bathroom in this list? Let us know in the comments!

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