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16 ways to use greenery inside your house

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If the green trend hasn’t caught on just as yet, we’re here to show you how and why it should! We’ve wound up some of the easiest ways to bring in some greenery into your home.

1. The green way

Add some color to your otherwise boring, mundane sitting area with a potted plant. It’s amazing what the rich viridescence can do to a room. You don’t have to go all in with the green, just a small amount. And, voila! You just managed to spruce up your home in the simplest of all manners.

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2. The wall of fame

If floor space is something you can’t spare for a lawn, then how about you upsize it with this beautiful lawn wall? The rich, vibrant greenery is often the first thing one notices when you step foot into the presence of this wonder. Pair that up with the right lighting and decor like this sofa. The white and green blend fairly well together, creating an ambiance like no other.

3. The enchanted hallway

There’s nothing more welcoming than this hallway which captivates you with the sheer delicacies of the details. It would appear like a portion of a soccer pitch has been cut up and stuck onto the hallway entrance. The beautifully maintained greens in either lane are stunning beyond expectations.

4. Green dreams?

Bedrooms are often one of the most modest rooms, being the very place that encompasses dreams of fantasy and reality at the same time. Bring nature into your bedroom with a walled board of greenery. Definitely the show stealer, it captivates you in the most surreal of all ways.

5. Racking it up

A hallway, devoid of color, sparing the classic duo of black and white can be brought to life and how! A simple grill nestles a number of tiny pots that outgrow themselves in almost no time at all.

6. Lonely corridor no more

This will have to be the easiest way to welcome viridescence into your home. Pick up a couple of potted plants from your garden or the nearest store and place it in your corridor. The best thing is you don’t have to rely on decor to make your house more appealing because the plants do just that and more!

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7. The divine force

Pooja rooms can also be decorated very well with a few potted plants. It brings in a lot of positivity and at the same time enhances the aesthetics of your house. If the pooja room is situated near the entrance, then it’s the best way to welcome guests.

8. Fixated

Lighter pots that are smaller and durable are a must try. They fit in literally anywhere and the best part is that it doesn’t take up too much space. They can transform a simple wall into one that’s brimming with life. Couple that with maybe a photo frame to your liking and you are good to go. Skipping out on the decor might not be the worst crime after all.

9. The humble vase

Another great way to naturalise your home would be to use a vase with some of your favourite flowers. Place this anywhere and you will have found yourself in the midst of beauty! You can also opt to place in on your dining table so meals aren’t just packed with flavours, but also a little bit of nature as well.

10. Open up to the flora!

You can have a beautiful garden with a rabbit infestation and wind Country style garden by Samantha Willis Garden Design Country
Samantha Willis Garden Design

You can have a beautiful garden with a rabbit infestation and wind

Samantha Willis Garden Design

What’s the best way to kick start a day? To let some of the beautiful fresh air in kissed by the rays of the sun. Surround your window with flora of the greenest kind and watch how the positivity surrounds you with a cloak of invisibility. If there’s no space inside your home for the greenery, then why not just capitalise on the great outdoors?

11. Au Naturale in the restroom

Create your very own jungle in the restroom by setting aside an entire wall for some lush greenery. This sets in the perfect vibe for relaxation as it purifies the air and really helps you unwind. It doesn’t require a great deal of space, just one wall which you otherwise would leave plain anyway. So why don’t you spice it up with this restroom?

12. An ascent of grace

Spruce up your balcony railings with a couple of pebbled pots and you will have contributed to change in your own little way. If you don’t floor space to spare, then you can just attach the pots onto the railings in an aesthetic fashion. You can also cover the railings with vines so as to enhance the overall look.

13. Home to minimalism

The empty corridor than spans for what would seem like miles, could just be made a little more colourful. Place a small potted plant by the corner and watch how it’s presence actually forces you to take notice and dilly dally along to your next mission! Team this up with a couple of paintings or frames and there you have it, your very own garden indoors.

14. This lawn don’t need no mower!

It is one thing to get bogged down by the sheer lack of space and quite another to make the best of what’s available to you. This lawn in the balcony does just that. Regardless of the fact that it actually is quite small, it manages to create an impact in a subtle yet effective way. The pebbles lining it are beautiful without a doubt.

15. Bring some sunshine in

Another way to rope in on the naturalistic method is to make use of vines as decor. You can line up an idol or a painting for that matter and make the place pop with the vibrant colours. This is a great way to stay connected with nature. It also saves up on a whole lot that you would have to shell out if you were to purchase decor

16. Natural Air purifier

All you need for this is one dedicated area, meaning one slab of your precious floor. Place a great number of pots along with rocks and pebbles in your home. Basically anything that can enhance the aesthetic look of your home. This is a great way to get rid of the impure air that tends to linger in your home.

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