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15 bathrooms with creative tiling

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Tiled flooring has become almost an automatic choice for modern bathrooms. It is fashionable and easy to maintain. Porcelain or ceramic tiles are almost impervious to moisture which make them highly suitable for this space. Being water repellent they do not promote the growth of mould or mildew.

Today we are going to show you fifteen most amazing bathroom designs  - all styled with tiles. Come with us as we walk through these beautifully designed spaces…

1. Cool Scandinavian bathroom

There is no denying the beauty of Scandinavian décor. This bathroom is decorated with tiles in varied shapes, colours and patterns. The flooring showcases a preference for beehive shapes while the walls are stylised with rectangular ones in a herringbone pattern.

2. Black, white and grey bathroom

This stylishly designed bathroom uses hexagonal tiles to decorate the flooring and a part of the wall as well. A combination of black, white and grey colour scheme punctuated only by wooden stools makes it look all the more attractive.

3. Luxurious bathroom décor

This modern bathroom with a vintage flair is designed to win hearts. From the colour scheme, dominated by shades of grey and purple, to the mirrored panels every item of this space has been chosen with great care. And, look at the tiled flooring, especially its graceful florid shape. Amazing, isn’t it?

4. Calm and relaxing

modern  by homify, Modern

Sensestone Light Grey Matt Tiles


Textured porcelain tile with a matte finish has been installed in the flooring of this spacious bathroom. It is slip resistant, so suitable for high moisture zones. The light filled interior and views of the surrounding make it extra special.

5. Vibrant bathroom interior

It is not so common to see a bathroom with such vivacious décor. The jubilant tone of the tiled flooring is the primary reason for its charm. The same tiles cover the walls of the shower room as well. The interior is expansive and is decorated with a number of art objects and potted plants.

6. Patchwork on floor

This small attic bathroom has been given a very unusual makeover. Its otherwise prim white interior has been jazzed up with tiled flooring that looks like a stunning patchwork. The walls too are partly covered with white brick-like tiles.

7. Elegant bathroom design

Victorian Terrace House, South-West London Classic style bathroom by Drummonds Bathrooms Classic
Drummonds Bathrooms

Victorian Terrace House, South-West London

Drummonds Bathrooms

This classical bathroom interior covered with cool blue floor tiles usher a hint of Mediterranean décor. Though on a more subdued note, the walls are clad in tiles too. Vintage mirror and classical bath accessories help to augment its charm. At least on this occasion, the owners are not reluctant to feel the blues!

8. Sunny yellow bathroom

It is a highly unusual choice for bathrooms, but it has been pulled up in quite a style. We are talking about the yellow tiles that cover almost the entire bathroom except the ceiling. This small space looks gorgeous in the process. Have kids at home? Then this one is a must try for you!

9. Subtle motifs

Brick Tile Series by Tileflair Country

Brick Tile Series


Though monochromatic in nature, the walls of this space is stylised with tiles having subtle patterns. It creates a nice etched effect on the wall. Other accessories, like the wooden dresser and wood framed mirror, perfectly complement this understated décor.

10. Gracefully designed interior

This is another bathroom designed to impress. Its earthen tone, made prominent by tiled walls, is accentuated by a wooden vanity unit, wood panels behind the mirror and potted plants. Wall mounted spotlights keep the interior illuminated. This urban bathroom proves to be an oasis of calmness.

11. Delightfully chic

It is comfortable, sunny and cheerful. But these are not enough. The owners wanted a chic space and they have got a design to be really proud of. The interior is clad with black and white tiles of various motifs and shapes. The floating vanity unity and frameless mirror are highly suitable for modern tastes.

12. Of tiles and stones

While the flooring of this small bathroom is decorated with marble slabs, the walls have been kept reserved for intricately designed tiles. Though the pattern is delicate, it is impactful enough to create a spectacular impression.

13. Dark bathroom décor with mosaic tiles

A singular colour scheme marks the interior of this bathroom. Thanks largely to the florid floor tiles, what might have looked like a lacklustre colour palette has become its most noteworthy feature. A variety of lighting fixtures drive away the residual gloom, if any.

14. A sense of drama

Luxury Bathroom Modern Bathroom by Studio Hooton Modern
Studio Hooton

Luxury Bathroom

Studio Hooton

If you ever want to decorate a lavish salle de bain filled with a sense of drama, then you must borrow this idea. It is the very epitome of simple design, yet when observed closely it has all the ingredients needed for a luxurious bathroom décor, including glittering mosaic tiles.

15. Tranquil bathroom design

Once again we feel distracted by the soothing interior of this stylish small bathroom and we are sure so will you. It shows a meticulous attention to detail. A part of the space is decorated with wood flooring. The toilet section is completely clad in tiles and the bathroom walls are decorated in similar way as well. 

Large mirrors and high quality fittings increase the classy effect. Would you still doubt the capabilities of tiles to transform the interior of your bathroom?

Need inspiration for decorating your small bathroom? See our collection here!

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