The wonderful transformation of a village house

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Reforma integral casa de pueblo, Aris & Paco Camús Aris & Paco Camús Modern Living Room
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Our homes need to be beautifully designed, but that's not all. To make a house a home, you need to include parts of your personality and character. For comfort, you also need to choose some practical and functional decor.

Design professionalsAris & Paco Camus, know how important it is to consider all of these aspects. In this ideabook, we come across a dream home that is packed with quality and comfort.

This village house was completely refurbished and renovated, with the interior design of the home completely transformed. We will see the new floors, refreshing design and gorgeous facade.

Before: The facade

We start off the tour looking at the facade, before the rehabilitation. The wall is discolored and dirty while the blinds are worn and torn. The doors are also in very poor condition!

After: A total make-over

After the intervention, the house looks brand new. Two shades of green decorate the new facade, leaving behind the dull grey that we observed in the previous image.

This newly designed organic look and feel includes security bars across the windows, which are functional and decorative. The renewed balcony railing adds an elegant touch to the upper floor. 

We can also see how the new cornices completely change the look and feel of the house. What a modern masterpiece!

Before: Inside the home

Let's take a walk through the home. In this photograph, we can see how the ceiling is being renovated, while the staircase is under construction.The construction site makes us suspect that a whole new interior with a luxurious touch awaits!

After: A brand new space on the ground floor

The luxurious living space envelopes us as soon as we walk through the door. 

The original light-toned flooring has been chosen, leading through the living space and into the kitchen. The walls are painted grey, but several items used throughout this space ensure that the room doesn't become too dark, including the large white sofa, the silver-framed mirror and the chairs around the dining room table.

After: A bright, bright kitchen

At the end of the dining room, we saw the beginning of the kitchen. Glass doors separate the rooms, so that the living space gets the benefit of the kitchen light. 

The room is marked with a minimalist style and bright finishes, which makes for a very dynamic look and feel. Through the one window, we can see the patio that leads out from the interior.

After: A stately interior with double height

As we start to climb the stairs, we can see how the home is split over two floors. 

In this image, we can also see how the interior and exterior design continue on from one another, with harmony created between the two spaces. The wood chosen for the flooring has a glossy finish and adds an elegant touch to the decor, fitting in perfectly with the color palette.

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After: The upstairs bedroom

The master bedroom is located on the upstairs of the house. Just like we saw on the ground floor, the floor is wooden while dark colors have been chosen for the walls.

A wall has also been installed in the center of the room, serving to support the headboard. It also separates the sleeping area from other rooms in the house.

Let's see what lies behind it…

Bathroom: The adequate bathroom

Sinks have been placed behind the wall, which divides the bedroom. 

Besides being trendy, this is also a very functional space. The medicine cabinet allows for personal items to be stored neatly away behind the mirror, while the cabinets under the sink also serve as a fabulous storage space. 

There are also doors that have been installed to create privacy for the shower and toilet areas.

Before: The outside area

After a tour of the inside renovation, we come back to an image of the outer space before the renovation. Still under construction, the walls limit this area while in a state of total disrepair. The garden is even worse! The vegetation is growing wildly, without any control or planning.

After: A stylish garden

After the renovation, the garden has been converted into an ultimate oasis. In addition to creating a very neatly organized garden, a swimming pool has also been built—perfect for a hot summer!

The red tiles creates a charming walkway between the house and the garden.

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What do you think of this make-over?

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