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10 Great ways to feature a TV in the living room!

Leigh Leigh
ARQUETERRA Modern Media Room
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In this ideabook today, we will show you how a TV has become a common addition to modern living rooms. Thus we will teach you how to incorporate a TV into the living room so that it doesn't clash with your design or decor.

Not everyone can afford to have a specially designed space for the television This can be due to a lack of space, especially in urban homes. Not to fear, however, we will teach you how you can work around this!

Fortunately with technological advances, there are also flat screen televisions that are as decorative as they are practical.

By choosing the right spot for your television, you can also create a living room that is functional as well as social and interactive. You can have family and friends over to enjoy movies, videos, sport and other events. 

The below examples from top professionals from around the world will show us how to incorporate the TV and achieve a luxurious space!

1. Extra large display

This screen would be the envy of all of our friends! With its enormous size, it has the advantage of also being extremely narrow as well as being installed from the ceiling. This means that it doesn't need additional furniture such as a TV cabinet or stand, which will rob us of space.

All we need for this room is some popcorn and a night of classic cinema!

2. Small and discreet

Those who are still a little bit resistant when it comes to incorporating a TV in the living room can start small with something small. In this way, you can enjoy your favorite series or movies in the comfort of the living room chairs, without the television screen overwhelming this environment.

3. Completely integrated

In this design, the television is completely integrated into the wall. The living room faces it, allowing the wall to become the focal point of the design. With comfort and more than enough space, this is a popular place to meet with friends and enjoy marathon sessions of onscreen entertainment.

4. A home theater

Arqueterra architects are responsible for this gorgeous living room. This is ideal for apartments or small environments, where the screen has hung snugly on the wall, while the speakers hang from the ceiling. These features thus don't clutter or crowd the room, while making it easy for family and friends to enjoy a good afternoon of sport, for example.

5. On a fireplace

This living room has used a fireplace to incorporate the television into the environment. Almost mimicking the fireplace, the screen is above it, waiting to be used while blending in discreetly to the surrounds.

6. Home Theater

This living room seems to be a spot where you would enjoy private screenings of Hollywood. With a giant screen and luxurious, modern and inviting furniture, it is not difficult to picture spending many hours relaxing and enjoying our favorite movies in this space!

7. Living room, TV room and a bar

Villa South of France Interior cinema room Urban Cape Interiors Modern Media Room
Urban Cape Interiors

Villa South of France Interior cinema room

Urban Cape Interiors

In this environment, we not only have a fabulous televisions screen, inspired lighting and stunning furniture, but there is also a bar on the right where you can prepare cocktails for guests who have come to enjoy the Oscars maybe?

8. Tiny features

Modular furniture is ideal for small spaces and works very well with flat-screen televisions. If we look at the television from this angle in the living room, we realize that it in no way detracts from this space. In fact, it completely enhances it!

9. Projector

Incredible Loft Cinema Conversion New Wave AV Modern Media Room
New Wave AV

Incredible Loft Cinema Conversion

New Wave AV

As we conclude this book of ideas, we would like to show this space that is designed for movie-goers. A bold color palette, unique wallpaper and an image of the paparazzi in black and white and of course, the projector, makes for a wonderful living room space for fans of the cinema. This is a screening room of excellence!

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