Incredible home renovation of a derelict farmhouse!

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Sanierung Bauernhaus in Stuttgart, Kurt R. Hengstler GmbH Kurt R. Hengstler GmbH
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Stuttgart is a pretty and green German town which is home to many manufacturing industries and headquarters of Porsche and Mercedes-Benz. And this old and derelict farmhouse was stuck in an urban corner of that town, in need of urgent renovation. The dreary appearance and squalid state of the large building made it an eyesore of sorts. With a shoddy roof, dingy walls, peeling plaster and depressing doors and windows, this residence was hardly habitable. So the general contractors at Kurt R. Hengstler GMBH took up the challenge of renovating the structure from both inside and outside, to restore it to its former glory. It is inspiring to see how fresh paint, new shingles, revamped doors and windows, and neat interiors have dramatically transformed the once dilapidated home.

Before: Crumbling Façade

The plaster on the walls seemed to be crumbling as it gave way to the bricks underneath. The dull and dirty white walls with their exposed concrete could have looked stylish with a more smooth finish. The shingles were also old and tainted with many monsoons that showed up as black mould on the surface.

After: A Smooth and Fresh Look

A coat of fresh white paint applied after the walls were duly cleaned and evened out, helps in creating a shining façade for the home. The contractors have taken care to stick to the original structure of the house. They have also replaced the old shutters with contrast wood finished ones that look elegant and quaint at the same time. The ground floor of the structure now flaunts sandy-hued stone accents with glass walls for a contemporary appeal and visual depth.

Before: Courtyard from the Dark Ages

The courtyard looked straight out the pages of a medieval story with dungeons and prisons, thanks to the faded bricks and filthy, drab doors and windows. The structure seemed ready to give away if the wind blew too hard.

After: Sleek Good Looks

Urbanisation has now offered its loving touch to the structure and made a home out of it. The smooth white walls and contrast accents in the form of the wooden windows ensure a sleek and streamlined look. One slanting roof has been retained while linear lines dominate the rest of the wings for an uncluttered look.

Before: Outdated Wiring and a Dangerous Corner

The wiring and other details of the construction required a quick update to make it a safe place to live in. The dilapidated roof and its wiring sticking out haphazardly, made the interiors potentially dangerous and shabby looking as well.

After: Modern and Vibrant

This space has been converted into an attic where the ceilings have been revamped well so that the wiring is safely out of sight. The large skylight floods the room with sunlight while the burgundy carpet creates a vibrant aura.

After: Contemporary yet Traditional

The interiors of the home have been restructured in a way that reflects modern sensibilities thanks to the white walls, modern wiring and fixtures as well as the warm laminate floor. At the same time, the rustic beams overhead make for a traditional look, making it a versatile space.

This renovated farmhouse is now a far cry from the sad and decrepit building it was before. Credit goes to intelligent planning, modern designs, fresh paints and beautiful materials. Here’s another makeover story for more inspiration - A Portuguese House Goes from Ruins to Ravishing.

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