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Rugs to tie the room together

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Seminal Hollywood cult film, ‘The Big Lebowski’ immortalised many things, not least of all the power of a good rug to tie a room together. True for the film, true in reality, a well-selected rug can make every difference to the overall aesthetic sensibility of a lounge, living space, bedroom or bathroom. Here, the emphasis is on ‘well-selected’—with so many rug designs and selections out there, its crucial to consider how the style, pattern and tone will interact with your existing decor and internal appearance (otherwise, the rug could well un-tie the room completely!) Still, the fact that so many modern designs these days are opting for more industrial-styled floors, such as naked wood, polished boards, warehouse concrete and stone often necessitates the embrace of a fine rug to give that finishing touch of comfort and warmth without compromising design integrity. Get inspired with these fabulous homify rug examples and tie your room together today!

Floral elegance

As we mentioned above, keeping your rug design in keeping with the existing room motif is of chief consideration and a really good idea if you’re keen to not only tie the room together but maintain style consistency too. Here, we see that effect in action nicely, a well-chosen light floral designed rug with beige tones and outlines to perfectly complement the busier floral pattern of the curtain drapes. Atop light polished parquetry hard wood floors, this lounge really becomes ‘a lounge’ with the inclusion of such a delightful, simple and complementary rug.

Bathroom basics

Of course, there’s a rug to suit every room, and sometimes it’s not necessarily a ‘rug’—but don’t get too bogged down by semantics! Rug, mat, floor accoutrement, you name it—when it comes to the bathroom, there’s a fine line between a mat and a rug. As we see here in this immaculate modern bathroom with freestanding tub, ample cold floor space calls for a little addition. A traditional ‘rug’ would be out of place, but a rug-esque wooden mat makes for a perfect add-on, tying the space together without effort—functionally, as well as aesthetically.

Checkerboard nouveau

For those sweeping, cavernous interior spaces—whatever the type of room it might be—you’re probably going to need the aesthetic support of a good, solid rug. Imagine this gorgeously appointed, polished concrete warehouse bedroom without its immaculate checkerboard patchwork tapestry rug included—it would be longing for that extra element of comfort, that final touch that brought all the other elements together. A good rug is the interior designer’s best friend.

Divine urban refinement

Before running out for the latest colour splash or selection of bright, Oriental rug styles, it’s going to be a good idea to think first about your pre-existing use of colour and tone. Do your living spaces warrant the inclusion of a bold colour burst? Or do they operate on a more refined, demure collusion of tones and hues? In this example, we see a sensible, thoughtful rug selection that ties the room together well—unique thatch work design offering character and cool, and beige tone to integrate neatly with the existing light wooden floorboards and bright, airy decor. All class.

A taste of Persia

However, a taste of the Orient—or even the ‘Ancient’—could be exactly what the room demands. The rich wood floorboards and tall, open pitched roof living space in this example makes such a scene with the addition of this Persian-style rug trio. Ornate and alluring, yet comfortable and cosy all at once, these rugs really work with the brickwork and the stylish floor-embedded up-lights. Charm, sophistication and grandeur. A well tied up room!

Kids’ room novelty

Then there’s the kids’ rooms and nursery to consider. Kids want to live in a fun, playful environment, so why not incorporate that need into the selection of rug too? It doesn’t get much more exciting and fun than this faux wooly brown bear rug—a light, cool addition to the room that adds a spontaneous spark and cosies up the white floorboard motif (as well as matching neatly with the monkeys in the windowsill).

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