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Have you ever dreamed about living in the countryside? Maybe in an old stone farmhouse amongst the hills where you have complete privacy and communion with nature? Well, if this is you, we have a very special treat for you today that is sure to fuel those fantasies! 

Situated on farmland in Wales, we find an impressive modern house which has managed to retain some elements of a rustic past, whilst also making the most of its beautiful natural surroundings. This project, entitled Three Glens, had been envisioned and executed by the architects at Mark Waghorn Design, located in Llandeilo, Wales. With it, they have managed to fire up the engine of nostalgia to create a rustic home in a stunning natural setting, and we thought it too good a house to pass by! So, join us now to take a closer look at this structure, you are sure not to be disappointed!

Rustic with contemporary

Here it is, the wonderful country home we've been talking about. Don't you think it's beautiful? We certainly think that the structure suits the environment very well, and we can see that this was a big consideration in its design. On the other hand, the stone walls are strikingly reminiscent of years gone by, and makes one think of the days of old British poets who could get so lyrical about the splendours of nature and the countryside. 

Although these rustic elements are immediately recognisable, we can also see the angular crest of a modern structure rising from it. The house is, in part, constructed of aluminum and glass, immediately transporting the building into the realm of the modern. This eclectic mix between the old and the new produces quite the striking effect, but also allows the clients to have the best of both worlds.

A more modern view

Moving along to the rear of the building, we get quite a different picture. In the front we saw the untamed grasslands of the rolling hills, topped with the nostalgic structure with ample use of stone. Here, however, it looks almost like we've moved on to an entirely different project! Instead of wild grass, we see a neatly cut lawn, and the building on top of it is a thoroughly modern structure in wood and glass. 

This is clearly the side of the home which contains the more private living areas, as it sheltered from view at the back and looks out onto the backyard of the home. The timber used on the exterior gives the house an elegant yet easy look, making sure it adheres to standards of good style as well as comfort.

The contemporary side of the interior

Well, we are entirely satisfied with our view of the exterior of the home, and this has only raised our expectations for its interior.

Here we find ourselves in the central living area of the house, below the sloped roof so prominent on the exterior. This open and generous space holds several sections of the house, and such an open-plan design is very characteristic of contemporary architecture. 

The use of soft wooden elements beautifully complements the majority white background, and a this is all tied together by the wooden flooring. The neutral atmosphere is well suited to the natural surroundings of the house on the exterior. 

More rustic details

Now that we've seen the modern part of the home, we can turn our eyes to the more rustic elements of the interior. Here we can see a stunning stone wall—the other side of what we saw on the exterior. The fact that the designers kept this wall as is, was an excellent design choice, as it provides the perfect charming backdrop to the interior design scheme. 

Against the wall we can see a wooden bench installed, in the same fashion as the flooring in the area. Topped with soft brown leather seat cushions, this space is furnished in harmony. The Persian rug we can only but glimpse in this image also promotes this look.   

Panoramic scenery

Lastly, we take you out onto the terrace of the house, which we could already see the picture of the living area. The terrace itself is modern and simple with a wooden deck and glass banisters. This is done in a way as not to take away from the magnificent scenery. Wouldn't you love to have breakfast with this view every morning? Not even to mention the amazing dinner parties that will take place with this stylish wooden dining set. This home really is something to long for!

Now, for another type of country house, take a look at this charming and cosy getaway home. 

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