12 Stylish ideas for kitchen mosaic

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The  kitchen is one of the areas of the house where you can admit more colors without many problems. If we decided to introduce tiles as a coating for one or more walls… why not do it through small mosaics?

There is a huge universe of possibilities for colors and combinations: All in the same tone, combining two or three colors, etc. 

As always, we want to inspire you and that is why we offer you this ideabook with 12 proposals for beautiful kitchens, all with mosaic covering one or more walls.

1. Exciting culinary space

Dare to go a step beyond the typical colors for cooking, and reflect your personality through bright hues. A red coating for the backsplash are will be great, especially if the counter is black, in order to create contrast in the image. 

2. A uniform kitchen

Instead of looking for contrast, you can also use the mosaic as a way to standardize the kitchen, as projected in this image. Notice how the black color can also be a really flattering alternative for a kitchen, although it is a color that is usually discarded.

3. Creating prints

With mosaics, comes also the ability to create prints, such as we can see in this image. Use this technique to bring originality and movement to any environment and create a kitchen with a strong personality.

4. A particular area

You can also add this type of coating in a single area of the kitchen as a way to distinguish it visually from the rest of the spaces.

5. Defining spaces

You can use a valance of a different color, two or three tones above or below the main mosaic used to better define the space. So, no need to bring this type of coating to the roof, but it stays accompanying the counter area or the like.

6. Uniformity vs. pattern

If you have such an arrangement for your kitchen, that is, which is divided into two zones or a U-shape , you can choose to coat the opposite walls in order to highlight the distribution. In this case, it was decided by a wall with a smooth shiny coating to the left, and a mosaic pattern coating in black and white for the right.

7. Small details

You can also add mosaic covering to small details like edges of walls, support peninsulas, and any gaps which remain open…

8. Dynamic yellow

This is an unconventional design, but one full of energy and vitality. It will make your kitchen a very personal and distinct, original and sophisticated space. Combined with black and steel, this is always a good choice.

9. Supplementing

Mosaic does not have to go only on the walls and can be an extension, in holes or details. You can add it only on the kitchen island, or the peninsula, in an area outside the kitchen open to the rest of the space… Look how beautiful it is!

10. Extension to the ground

Another option is to extend the finishing walls to the floor, also using it as a coating throughout. This is perfect for small, modern kitchens or in low light. Yes, the result can be as flattering as this image.

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11. The benefits of mosaic

This type of material is perfect to protect your walls from grease, dirt, marks, vapors, etc. It is also much easier to clean (a damp cloth will remove fat) than a normal wall coating.

12. The light

Finally, good lighting that enhances the contrasts of this type of material, will always be the best ally for the image of your kitchen. Make sure you keep this in mind when doing your kitchen planning

Which of these options did you like best?

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