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15 modern fountains to suit your style

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The soothing sound of gurgling water brings serenity and life into the region it is located and transforms it into a peaceful retreat like environment. Selecting different types of fountains for different locations around your house both indoors and outdoors can become an exhilarating expedition as you hunt through garage sales and second hand stores for inexpensive deals. While tabletop fountains in beautiful shapes and designs can set up anywhere in the house to match your home decor, fountains made of stone, metal and other materials can add beauty and vitality to the garden.

Here is a collection of artistic and creative fountains that have been arranged as part of home decor by our designers to enhance architectural beauty.

1. Dancing blue jets

Dancing 5 Jet Water Feature Water Garden Ltd Modern Garden
Water Garden Ltd

Dancing 5 Jet Water Feature

Water Garden Ltd

This jet style fountain is among the most preferred designs among homeowners across the world keen to
bring in water elements within the house. This colorful fountain allows you to set the height of water jets and as the water falls only with a small circumference it is perfect for a large living room or dining area. A raised platform like a pool has to be made around the jets for the water to collect and circulate.

2. Traditional Stone fountain

A large garden with lush greenery, colorful flower beds and a wide stone garden path would be incomplete without a stone fountain as this. Artistic figure on a stone pedestal reminds one of colonial style gardens built around huge stone mansions. The wide parapet around the fountain is perfect for relaxing on summer evenings with friends.

3. Marble garden fountain

Much has been written about the eternal beauty of marble and this riveting garden fountain is a live example of
the timelessness of marble fountain. Set amidst beds of colorful flowers the elongated marble pool with sparkling fountains looks magical at night when lights are lit along its border.

4. Colorful garden fountain

Marble fountains can sometimes be an expensive experiment but there are other less expensive alternatives if
your heart is set on having a stone fountain. Here is an attractive fountain made of decorative stone tiles that make the fountain set within black granite an integral part of the garden.

5. Antique cherub garden fountain

Who wouldn't fall in love with this adorable stone cherub holding up the mighty stone fountain on its head? This
charming fountain has been popular since Victorian times and is now almost an antique and the design has been adopted in glass and metal as well.

6. Mystical snake

If you want a garden fountain that is the talk of town then this mystical black copper serpent curled around a
pole spewing water should do the job very well indeed. The legendary snake in this Aesculapian snake fountain is designed to project water out of the snake's fangs and eyes.

7. The gentle lion

Made from natural stone this elegant fountain is beautiful in its simplicity. Smaller versions of this fountain
can be part of the foyer or next to the entrance gate. The classic fountain structure looks grander with imposing stone flower pots, giving a Romanesque touch to an attractive garden accessory.

8. Stunning blue lotus

Blue Flower Fountain homify Classic style garden

Blue Flower Fountain


This bespoke creation fashioned out of glass can be a showstopper of any garden featuring elegant curved petals in different shapes and designs. Beautiful and elegant, this unusual fountain can become a showpiece at night if lights are fixed within.

9. Magical stone set in greenery

The pretty stone fountain with multiple jets of water within the large green lawn looks magical under the
open sky and tall shrubs surrounding the property.

10. Floral beauty

Zuvan 2 Tier Water Fountain Primrose Garden Accessories & decoration

Zuvan 2 Tier Water Fountain


Looking at this curvaceous fountain no one would be able to guess that it is made of fiberglass as it looks more like a timeworn stone fountain. These fountains are light and less expensive than traditional stone ones as well as being high on aesthetics and some of them can glow at night with strategically placed lights within them.

11. Sparkling water within stone

A large garden requires frequent maintenance and to avoid that, setting up a large fountain like this is a smart move as it will add an artistic touch to the garden and also maintain greenery. Beautiful stone wall made with dark pebble shaped stones adds to the aesthetic beauty of the well manicured garden.

12. Imposing pillar style fountains

Suited to a lavish garden these three pillars type fountains look perfect at the entrance. The adorable white globes spilling water into the small pool at the base appear as if they may fall down any moment.

13. Cascading water fountain

This cascading sheet of water is not your usual fountain that sprouts water in all directions but is designed
like a waterfall that keeps the region cool without wasting water. Designed by team of Kreative House this unusual fountain is suited to hot temperatures of tropical India

14. Golden fountain for royalty

A royal residence built on four levels needs a fountain fit for royalty and nothing less than a fountain glowing as if it is made of gold can compliment the stately driveway to the main door.

15. Bubbling stone fountain

The beautiful fountain designed in stone within the indoor rock garden is a perfect example of eclectic style decor that is elegant and unobtrusive. Built between two floors the garden is designed in a step layout with fountain at its center that waters the plants around it and excess water gets recycled back to the base.

Liked these artistic garden decor ideas? Here are some more outdoor sculptures for gardens that are sure to interest you.

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