When you should clean what (and where) in your home

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Good housekeeping involves significantly more than offering your guests a beverage when they stop by, or making sure the guest bathroom is stocked with toilet paper. If those teacups and toilet seat are filthy, don’t blame your guests if they don’t feel like coming back for seconds.

When was the last time you cleaned those surfaces? Do you know how often you are supposed to wipe down that kitchen counter, change the linen, or even clean the dishwasher?

Fortunately we do, and we love sharing our good tips with you…

What to clean every day

Don’t overlook these daily cleaning tasks: 

• Make the bed (accomplishing this small task will get you in the right mind frame for the rest of the day’s chores). 

• Clean the coffeemaker. 

• Clean those dirty dishes. 

• Wipe down the kitchen counters and table. 

• Do the required laundry. 

• Sweep those kitchen floors. 

• Wipe down all bathroom surfaces (remember to let that bathroom vent as well). 

• Wipe those shower walls. 

• Sanitise the sinks in both the kitchen and bathroom.

What to clean every week

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• Mop the kitchen- and bathroom floors. 

• Scrub the bathroom surfaces. 

• Wipe the mirrors. 

• Dust the furniture (rather use a microfibre cloth, as a feather duster only moves the filth from one spot to another). 

• Vacuum both the floors and furniture. 

• Change the linen on all the beds. 

• Toss away expired food. 

• Wipe down all kitchen appliances. 

• Clean inside the microwave. 

• Sanitise all sponges (either by soaking them in boiling water, or tossing them in the dishwasher).

What you should clean every month

• Vacuum all the vents and woodwork. 

• Dust and clean light fixtures

• Dust all the blinds (both sides). 

• Clean the dishwasher, laundry machines, and vacuum*.

*A vacuum bag that’s full of dirt could start to stink up your house. If your vacuum has a bag, replace it once it’s one-third full. If it’s bag-less, then you should empty the canister after every use, otherwise you could end up pushing dirt around on your floors instead of sucking it up.

Clean these every 3 – 6 months

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• Wipe the insides of the fridge clean. 

• Clean that kitchen range hood. 

• Wash the shower curtain liner. 

• Clean under and behind all furniture. 

• Don't forget the outsides—clean the patio/deck surfaces and furniture. 

• Wash all the pillows and comforters. 

• Vacuum the mattresses. 

• Descale the coffee maker. 

• Freshen the drains and garbage disposal. 

• Clean out the oven and freezer. 

• Wash the car. 

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What to clean every year

• Clean the fireplace and chimney. 

• Deep clean the carpets and all upholstery. 

• Deep clean those windows and don't overlook the frames (save this for a cloudy day or after the sun has set, as a warm day will cause those windows to dry much faster, leaving streaks of soap and water behind).

• Clean around the dryer and vents.  

• Clean the drapes and curtains.  

• Clear out all gutters.  

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