Astrology & Interior design: 12 bedrooms for each zodiac sign

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Today we will show you 12 amazing bedrooms that complement each sign of the zodiac. Taking into account the most marked characteristics and personality for each sign, we have the ideal bedrooms to match! 

The bedroom is the most personal space of our house. It is a refuge, where we rest and rejuvenate our energy. It also reflects our personality and essence. Of course, there are many variables with zodiac sign personalities and they don't just depend on the sun sign, but we thought we would put together an exciting range of bedrooms to reflect what we know about each sign. Tell us what you think and if the bedroom is accurate depiction of your taste based on your own zodiac sign. Follow us now as we explore these signs and their matching bedrooms. Shall we? 

The immaculate bedroom of the Virgo

Virgo, the sign represented by the Virgin needs a bedroom in soft hues and nothing strident. Keeping the bedroom immaculate and paying particular attention to detail will please the Virgo whose characteristics are often synonymous with perfectionism and tidiness. They like rather minimalist spaces and prefer not to have too many objects and ornaments around deeming them chaotic. 

The energetic Aries

Aries are very in touch with their inner child and this translates into the bedroom; they are playful, fiery, energetic and like to take risks. Their ruling planet is Mars and his favorite color is red. Although it is not recommended for a restful bedroom, Aries will find a way to incorporate vibrant colors and out-or-the box ideas into their bedrooms. 

Earth tones for Taurus

Taurus is an earth sign and very attached to safety and tradition. Not giving way to flights of fancy, the use of warm, grounded and earthy tones suit them very well. They are ruled by sensual Venus and they take delight in pleasure, the warmth of a fireplace and enjoy being surrounded by beautiful things. They enjoy being spoiled, pampered and taken care of, so a bedroom like this one will surely make them feel special. 

A double-function bedroom for twins

Gemini needs mental stimulation so surely need a double function bedroom. The Gemini bedroom will likely integrate a workplace, television, library and everything the inquisitorial Gemini needs to satisfy their curiosity. As an air sign, they need open spaces and with plenty of ventilation, obviously with nice views and lot of natural light. 

The sheltered cancer

Cancer is ruled by the moon and is considered the most sensitive of all zodiac sign. They like bedrooms where they feel safe, welcome and comfortable. A very feminine sign with motherly qualities, they like to 'nest' in a bedroom that is luxurious and safe. This bedroom designed by 60/75 from Lujan de Cuyo is a good example of all the comforts that a Cancer enjoys. 

The bedroom of king Leo

Leo is convinced to be the king of the zodiac and is governed by the sun. They need an environment that is worthy of royalty. With a preference for rich, sumptuous textures and fabrics, they enjoy the touch of velvet, expensive lamps and of course a space where they can look at themselves as they dress. Large mirrors, plenty of sunlight and a tower to look down from, not to mention plenty of space in their extravagant wardrobe are just a few small things they need to feel like the king of the jungle. 

A bedroom with plenty of ventilation for Libra

Libra enjoys space and there is plenty of it in this bedroom. Enclosed spaces cause claustrophobia to this air sign that is always looking to achieve perfect balance. When furnishing a bedroom, taking into account their need for empty space coupled with inspiring objects is pivotal in achieving a divine balance. 

The sophistication of Scorpio

Scorpio is a sophisticated sign, who is aware of the latest trends. The Scorpio bedroom will have quality objects and unique and not easy to find pieces that give us clues to their enigmatic personalities or their mysterious pasts.

The adventurous bedroom of Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a very folksy sign that considers freedom as the most important asset. High maintenance spaces are not for the natives of this sign, they feel more comfortable with a backpack traveling the world and collecting objects to bring back. Always adventurous, forward-thinking and philosophical they are inspired by hot new ideas, even in their bedrooms.   

A sober bedroom for Capricorn

If Cancer is a very feminine sign, Capricorn is the male counterpart. Capricorns prefer no-nonsense decor which is masculine, classic and in which solid elements and objects remind them of the past. Each object tells a story and their attachment to tradition as well as deep tones shows their solidness.

Imaginative Aquarius

Aquarius is a sign with an amazing imagination and is ruled by the mysterious Uranus.  Aquarians enjoy spaces that are unusual, quite whimsical and fun. Their bedroom should be an original place, which may be integrated with the social areas of their home or apartment, as this sign needs mental stimulation and inspiration from friends, family and lovers.

The eccentric Pisces

Pisces is a water sign that is represented by the fish. Pisces find inspiration in blue and turquoise hues. The bedroom of a Pisces has elements is often comprised of a pastel pallet and gentle, subtle textures with a unique collection of eclectic objects. Pisces is a dreamy sign, so their decor reflects their individual taste. 

Did we match your zodiac sign with your bedroom taste? Tell us what we missed.

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