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As we all know, the kitchen is first and foremost a work zone. From buttering toast to brewing coffee, the kitchen is the prime space in which we conjure up dishes and snacks with which to sustain ourselves.

But that’s not all – the kitchen also plays venue to socialising and entertaining, to working and relaxing, which means it also requires a good dose of style and décor in order to look good and be practical.

And seeing as it is one of the home’s most used areas, we thought we’d dedicate today’s article to the kitchen, and clever ways in which you can spice up its style to make it more inviting and eye-catching. 

Let’s see what’s up first…

1. Fill it with light

Dark and dreary will never be in style, so rather fill that kitchen space with an abundance of bright sunlight. 

Yes, you may have windows in your kitchen already, but is there room for a skylight? Could our ultra stylish image above make you consider one?

2. Style up those stools

Baa Bar Stool Baa Stool KitchenTables & chairs
Baa Stool

Baa Bar Stool

Baa Stool

Just because your mother, friend, neighbour, and everyone else you know opted for simple fabric on their counter stools doesn’t mean you have to as well. Rather fluff up those seating spots with something else, like these fluffy sheepskin covers available in a range of different colours.

So soft, so squashy, and so so stylish!

3. Bring in bold colours

If monochrome is your alpha and omega, more power to you – but may we suggest spicing up your culinary space with some jovial tones? Hot reds, cool blues, feisty oranges, cheerful yellows – these can all add the ideal zest your kitchen needs.

But to avoid a rainbow-toned kitchen, stick to one colour and work with its various hues.

4. Opt for unconventional materials

MR & MRS KNOWLES KITCHEN Diane Berry Kitchens Modern Kitchen
Diane Berry Kitchens


Diane Berry Kitchens

The kitchen can be so much more than the place where you experiment with recipes – how about trying out different materials for your countertops and appliances?

For example, how would real wood look on your cabinetry instead of medium-density fibreboard (MDF)? Or a glass-clad island instead of marble? The possibilities are quite endless…

5. Treat it to some freshness

Family Living homify KitchenElectronics

Family Living


Those lush indoor plants and colourful flowers may come from the garden (or nursery), but that doesn’t mean they belong only there.

The addition of a hanging basket, a vase with fresh-cut florals, or a simple potted plant in the kitchen can instantly change the dynamic of the room, adding colour and fresh scent into the space.

6. Go nuts with a crazy countertop

Your peninsula or kitchen island doesn’t have to be a perfectly crafted rectangular shape, you know. It can be any style or look that you want. 

So how about diving into your love for, let’s say, the nautical side, and treating your kitchen to this ship-shaped island shown above? It is sure to be a conversation piece for when friends drop by!

7. Splash about some pretty patterns

Your backsplash, the cabinetry, the fridge doors, those textiles – these are all blank canvases that can be filled up with some marvellous motives.

Alternatively, opt for some eye-catching wallpaper instead, as it will still bring in some fantastic colour and pattern to keep you company while cooking.  

Interior designers, electricians and much more – we have them all here on homify. See our professionals page for more info.

8. Wow up the walls

Milk and chocolate Pixers Modern Kitchen

Milk and chocolate


Think bigger than a new coat of paint or some spirited wallpaper – a mural is the last thing on most people’s minds when designing a kitchen, which means it can be the perfect addition for yours. 

To spruce up your kitchen (and any other room) into one stylish spot, see our: Tips For Colourful Walls.

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