A dated home gets a miraculous makeover

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Often, to execute a successful and inspiring makeover, it becomes necessary to eliminate old elements and make way for the new. And this is exactly what the architects at Cardoso Chouza Arquitetos did for this old-fashioned living room in Itapetinga, Bahia. Originally, the living space suffered from some overwhelming furniture, a boring floor and walls which could do better. It required sleeker designs, modern colours and patterns, and unique accents for memorable visual appeal. The architects also felt the need to introduce indoor plants and innovative lighting for a decor scheme that will always remain fashionable. Want to see more? Then read on!

Before: jarring touches

This side of the living room had elements that were totally wrong for each other. The beige couch with the orange cushions and the green walls looked like they belonged in different homes. The large and overwhelming cupboard in the corner was a jarring addition to the already chaotic space.

After: a whole new world!

The living room now presents a whole different perspective thanks to the new layout. The window has been kept to the side rather than behind the couch, which makes the room look more airy and bright. Meanwhile, shades of brown, white and beige line the wall in front for the television and a simple trellis has been suspended from the ceiling for the stylish lighting. The new floor is a gleaming cream wonder and acts as the perfect canvas for the furnishing. On the left of the large room, a mirror and sideboard complete the decor scheme and add pizzazz.

Before: an uninspiring space

This view of the living room presented a chaotic feel where nothing really sat well together. While individually the touches were good, the entire look did not come together in a proper manner. The coffee table didn’t match up to the scale of the sectional, and the lone chair didn’t improve the fashion quotient of the space.

After: wholesome design

Now, the design takes on a more wholesome feel. While the walls have been left a light shade of grey, the entire scheme focuses on shades of brown and black, making a vibrant deviation with orange and yellow on the cushions. The overall scheme is earthy and modern at the same time. The futuristic chairs in front of the mirror add glamour with their patterned upholstery, while a large ottoman now replaces the small coffee table for more homely comfort.

After: stylish entertainment zone

There is now a dedicated space for the television and entertainment centre. The sleek design is unlike the former wooden cupboard that was too overwhelming. Instead, the designers have decided to play with wooden lines as well as a brown wall with a beige plaque holding the television. The glossy white cabinets on top and below are well lit with focused lights, while a couple of decorative vases add splendour to the entertainment nook.

After: stunning little courtyard

Aspects like ventilation and openness have been taken seriously by the architects who have established a courtyard just outside the living room to bring in a grounded and natural appeal. The latticed wall on one side has uniform petal shaped carvings all over it for a peek-a-boo effect. The stone wall on the other side is the perfect canvas for the greenery and adds a rustic note to the ambiance. And the white pebble bed as well the driftwood pieces reinforces the organic charm of this space.

Inspired by this living room makeover? Feel free to implement the ideas you loved here, for your own project too. Here’s another before & after story that might pique your interest: The miraculous makeover of a shabby home.

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