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Modern Living: The one storey home you've always wanted

Leigh Leigh
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On the waterfront of the river in Tagus, in the south of the Portuguese capital of Lisbon, a fantastic bungalow has been built, which thanks to its unique design, blends perfectly into the surrounding landscape.

This is an impressive monument to modern architecture where the contemporary character of the building balances out the functionality flawlessly. 

The materials used, the shape of the building and the fantastically arranged interiors show the value and strength of this project.

See for yourself!

Simple block

A simple bungalow with a flat roof exudes modernity and sophistication, thanks to the design professionals

The wooden facade allows the home to blend seamlessly into the surrounding natural landscape. Beside wood, the other material that has been used generously is the glass.

Glass walls not only open up the facade on the outside, but also guarantee permanent access to natural light throughout the house.

Beautiful from every perspective

No matter what side we look at it from, the house is very sophisticated and modern.

The house spreads over one storey, with a very flat roof, which is an excellent choice for lovers of modern architecture.

It is not only stylish, but extremely functional. This is a great design for those who want to invest in a house for a lifetime. A one-storey building is a good choice for families with children as well as the elderly as it eliminates the need to move up and down the stairs.

Interior wood

Natural materials reign when it comes to the interior design.

Wood covers every area of the house from the floors to the walls to the ceiling.

The open living area combines the luxurious kitchen with the elegant modern living room. The furniture and accessories are simple, with the individual elements characterized by a contemporary design.

Room with a view

From this perspective, we can fully appreciate the role that glazing has played in this project.

Thanks to the magnificent landscape outside, the glass windows frame the view like a piece of artwork, creating a fantastic element of interior design.

This also allows the living area to be bathed in natural light constantly throughout the day.

Bedroom arrangement

The bedroom is a combination of modernity and coziness. 

The wood and brown tones used throughout this space give character and warmth to the bedroom environment. Modern furniture, decorations and textiles give it a stylish twist. 

The bedroom flows into a fabulous and chic bathroom, which we will look at more closely in the next image.

Have a look at these tips for turning your bedroom into a calm oasis.

The bathroom

The bathroom features natural materials that combine with sophisticated fittings, giving this space a very sophisticated effect.

The wooden ceiling beautifully matches the marble on the walls, while the tiles imitate granite on the floor. The result is a very luxurious bathroom, where the impressive design simply cannot be denied. The lighting further enhances this!

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