The dramatic transformation of a small balcony

Leigh Leigh
Klein, aber oho: Wohlfühlbalkon im Kleinformat, DIE BALKONGESTALTER DIE BALKONGESTALTER Modern Terrace
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Any corner of the home can be transformed into a spectacular focal point with the right elements.

That is precisely what happened with the balcony of a small apartment, in a charming port city. After an incredible transformation, it ceased to be a grey area that was unused. Instead it has become a space where the potential has been completely maximized. In fact, it will leave you quite speechless.

With a good dose of creativity, the right furniture and appropriate accessories as well as a bit of love and care by expert professionals, the result is a space full of contrasts, color, textures and unique design.

Are you ready to witness a magical change? Come and see!

Before: A nondescript, empty space

The balcony we see here is the same as many balconies around the world. It's made up of a simple composition, including white walls and the occasional touch of vegetation. 

A space like this is screaming for an intervention so that it become an attractive space full of possibilities.

Before: An empty and unused space

The general appearance of the balcony is that it is very bare.

The floors are also dirty and the passage of time has wreaked havoc on this area of the house, where there is not even some life in the pot plant on the window sill!

The renovation needed to be comprehensive, with a 180 degree transformation of this sad, unused balcony. This space needs to be comfortable, cool and inviting!

After: An explosion of color and comfort

It does not even seem like the same space, but it is. Although it is hard to believe that we are looking at the same balcony, the new elements have worked like a miracle.

Each of the elements have colonized this space, playing an integral role in the transformation from the rug on the floor to the scatter cushions on the comfortable chair. The coffee table and decorative accessories also add that cheerful glow to the environment.

The vegetation has returned to life in pots that run along the entire length of the wall, while the lighting that hangs underneath the plants add charm and character to the space, as well as functionality.

After: Sun and shadows

The possibilities are endless on a balcony, but on occasion this space can also become a bit of a disadvantage. The abundance of sunshine can make this space less attractive, as it can become too hot! So why not install an umbrella in this area?

This will allow you to eat lunch or enjoy reading your book in the afternoon, while protected from the relentless rays of the sun. As we can see in this image, it also adds some style, color and elegance to the balcony.

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After: Flowers

The choice of plants for the balcony is one of the key points when considering the decoration. 

In this project, the designers have chosen flowering plants for the balcony, which create an attractive contrast to the white tone boxes and pots.

The freshness provided by the vegetation is undoubtedly one of the keys to filling this space with life.

Another gorgeous aspect

The transformation of this small balcony included the creation of two very modern and distinct spaces, that shared a common thread.

In this corner, the designers have added a little armchair, which gives this balcony some luxury. Several shelves hang on the wall, which allows for books and decor pieces to be stored neatly and beautifully. This creates the ideal little reading space. 

The detail also comes in the form of the recycled materials where old cans have been used as flowerpots. 

In short, this ideabook follows the magnificent recovery of a space, where the owners can now enjoy it for a multitude of activities.

What do you think of this impressive transformation?

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