3 British garden transformations that will totally inspire

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The three fascinating before-and-after projects that we will present to you in this article will surely prove that with a few tips and tricks, even the saddest garden is a great piece of nature. There is no reason why any garden should not be a little haven at the back of a home. We invite you to join us on a journey of these gardens, which have been transformed from the ugly ducklings of the landscaping world to most impressive spaces!

1. Before: Decay

This piece of land is a typical garden layout, as we find it in countless townhouses. Most the land is only as wide as the house actually is, but it extends over many meters in length. Timber and mesh fences border the land to separate it from the neighbouring gardens. It is definitely a dilapidated garden, but its size provides a lot of design options. Now we will show you a great example of a transformation!

After: Patio perfection

Would you ever move if you had a garden like this to call your own? We just loved this place, an ugly space turned into a great patio. The combination of the beautiful cream-colored stone slabs and the wood elements on patio, pergola and path fits perfectly into the existing land. In addition, we can also see the brand-new barbecue area near the pergola. The eye-catcher is the black-painted wooden fence though, which forms a great contrast and looks almost predestined for this space. A great advantage of this concept is that lawn-mowing and excessive gardening are no longer necessary here.

2. Before: Once a tennis court

We can see that this place was once a noble tennis court. Yet, it looks as if no one played tennis here for many years. The pitch is dry and mossy, full of soil and old wood, and an ancient wire fence borders the desolate piece of land. We really cannot blame the daffodils for only blooming off the field! Hold on tight, however, because you are about to be blown away with what the landscape designers managed to do here.

After: Layers of relaxation

Can you really think that this is the same place that we've looked at before? Through the arrangement of different levels, the landscape architects have created a garden which forms a direct access to the house. On the different terraces, the residents have the opportunity to relax, to barbecue, and to play and to garden respectively. Rustic walls of natural stone and precisely planned garden beds have been carefully integrated into the landscape in order to beautify the garden in all seasons. All we can say is, great job!

3. Before: Back to the start

Sometimes when everything else fails, we have to start again from the ground up. Such was the case with this property. The country has optimal, and had more than enough surface area for a great garden. Excavators first had to free the complete garden of all shrubs, sod and plant roots. Next, they had to mechanically level the ground to implement the proposed concept of the landscape architects. It is a lot of work, but let’s see if it was all worth it…

After: Easy to maintained and structured

Whether gardeners have to do much work or not depends largely on how much the people love gardening or want to invest in it. If you don’t have a green thumb, you should go for a garden that is functional and easy to clean, but it is still beautiful to look at. This concept has also been implemented in this garden, where the simple but architecturally attractive aesthetic comes along. Common features in the concept are several large, circular surfaces which coalesce into an overall image. In addition, the materials are just as varied. With a circle of precisely cut grass, we can also see an assembly of paving stones, and even the decorative element in the corner based on a circular structure. This flowing ensemble is both pleasing and calming on the eye.

Now, if these garden transformations filled you with inspiration, take a minute to look at how you can upgrade your own backyard!

Which of these transformations did you like the most?

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