Things to consider before building a wooden house

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You can't deny that there's something inherently romantic about the idea of building a wooden house, out of the city and living a quiet, peaceful life, but there has to be an element of practical thought before you dive on in! With that in mind, we took the time to think about all those pesky details that it's easy to ignore in the thrill of designing a new house, so take a look and think about whether a wooden home is really the right choice for you. If it is, get your architect on the phone immediately and don't waste a second more!

1. Do you really dare take on such a big project?

Moving house is stressful enough, without adding actually building the property to your to-do list, so really think about if you have the budget and free time to commit to such an undertaking. Plus, remember that it will take months, if not years to complete!

2. Start learning about your climate!

Moving house is stressful enough, without adding actually building the property to your to-do list, so really think about if you have the budget and free time to commit to such an undertaking. Plus, remember that it will take months, if not years to complete!Different countries will necessarily require different types of wood to be used in the construction of a log home, so before you get too carried away, planning your cedar shingles and new oak kitchen, find out what types of wood will work best in your climate and typical weather conditions.

3. What are the advantages of a wooden home?

You have to take the rough with the smooth with wooden homes, so while you might love the aesthetics they offer, you need to know if the advantages are worth your while. Typical bonuses are energy and economic efficiency, adaptability and a plentiful supply of materials. Are these enough to sway you?

4. How much will it cost you?

The cost of building a new home has to be one of the critical facets that will either make or break a new project before it begins. Wooden homes can be reasonably priced, but also run the risk of swiftly becoming very pricey, lavish projects.

5. What kind of maintenance will be required?

With a bricks and mortar house, very little in the way of ongoing care is needed, but wood is a different material that needs a lot of care and attention. Regular staining and protecting will need to be accounted for, as well as potential swelling and shrinkage of the material itself. Are you ready for that?

6. Solid foundations are a must!

You can't simply start felling trees and hope for the best, as a rock solid, level plinth needs to be put in place before your wooden home can be erected. This will definitely be a job for the professionals and might be one of the most time-consuming portions of the build itself. 

7. What style of home do you want to build?

With so many styles of wooden home to choose from, the possibilities are endless, but you need to take into account your surroundings, in particular, any other houses that are nearby. The last thing you want is to start building something really unique, only for neighbours to register a complaint!

8. How do you plan to finish your home's exterior?

Will you leave the exterior natural, clad it or add decorative touches? Are you going to landscape the garden and add patio furniture in the same style? These are all important questions to ask yourself before you get started, so you can be sure that you create a cohesive building.

9. Consider combining materials!

Depending on what style of plinth you lay down, you might like to think about adding in another key material to the construction of your home. Heritage-style stonework always works well and in demanding climates, offers a solid bed for your build too.

10. Would you go modular?

Staggeringly contemporary house styles have really taken off in recent years, but would you consider a modular wooden home? What a way to tap into two trends at once! If you did, you could even install a living roof and exploit the green potential even more!

11. Modern doesn't have to mean modular!

If modern styling appeals to you, but a modular home isn't quite hitting the right note, a monolithic, large build could be exactly what the doctor ordered! After all, this is a dream home you're building, so why compromise now?

12. Last, but not least, think about your amenities!

It's all very well getting away from it all by building a secluded wooden home in the rural landscape, but you need to be sure that you will have access to everything you need, such as a reliable electricity connection, gas and water! You might want to escape built up suburbia, but you need to be doing more than just camping!

For more wooden home inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: The Invisible House from Another Dimension.

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