8 balcony makeovers you need to see

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If you live in a city, you’ll understand the importance of owning a balcony. Especially relevant in Hong Kong, where apartment living is at its most condensed and compact, an outdoor area of your own is a special privilege and an envy-worthy domestic extra. Not simply a way to take in a little extra sunlight, balconies and terraces provide an area that can be opened up to the interior spaces, adding fresh air, and often-panoramic views to the district beyond.

However, as important and desirable as these spaces are, there are still plenty of properties that underutilise or neglect them. Today on homify we’re taking a look at 8 of our absolute favourite balcony renovations. From small and compact areas that have undergone a complete overhaul, to larger and more luxurious refurbishments, we have a range of inspirational ideas for you. So, read on below, and start planning your outdoor transformation today!

Well planned, thoughtful and considered

Isn’t it great when a design just comes together, and looks as though it was meant to be? Our first example is definitely a demonstration of that fact, as it bursts with a comfortable sense of confidence and poise. 

Colourful and energetic

The next balcony we take a peek at has been radically brought to life through an abundance of greenery and foliage, as well as plenty of additional extras.

One of the most notable changes to the space is the flooring. The previous floor has been replaced by timber decking and faux turf, leaving the balcony feeling refreshed and revived. In addition. Zen-like white pebbled have been added as a garden bed, promoting a serene ambience.

Contemporary meets traditional

A brilliant combination between old and new, this balcony brings together contemporary architecture, modern furniture and antique trimmings. The gorgeous inlaid timber dresser is a sophisticated touch, adding a regal aesthetic.

Dramatic and lively

This Notting Hill home received a most spectacular renovation, of which the balcony was certainly a standout accomplishment. Brimming with eclectic pieces of furniture, objet d’art, textiles and plants, the designers were able to create a gorgeously inviting yet enlivening outdoor area. One of our favourites, this is certainly somewhere you wouldn’t tire of spending your time!

Cosy, comfy and casual

With cosy seating, and plenty of casual yet chic accoutrements, we’re sure you can gather a few ideas from this impressive balcony. We adore the way the designers have utilised a range of different throw cushions that have been placed upon the repurposed pallet seating. This is a great way to produce a space that is welcoming to guests, comfortable enough for lazy Sunday lounging, yet still sophisticated enough to host an event. 

Making the most of space

This tiny balcony has been adorned with colourful eclectic pieces of furniture, while a new floor, outdoor rug, plenty of flowers and paper lanterns complete the comfortable and enticing space.

Large, luxurious and perfect for steamy summer days

Next up, we head to a larger space that has been truly given a new lease on life. Transformed from a neglected and rather unattractive space into a luxury terrace, this is one brilliant makeover and renovation. Replete with deck chairs, built in seating, and a tiny plunge pool/spa, our last outdoor space is ready for those hot summery days, as well as some cooler nights.

Tiny yet terrific

For our final favourite balcony makeover we check out this minuscule balcony, which has been updated to provide its occupants a place to gather, relax, eat and rest. Accessorised with the latest balcony additions, this area boasts integrated surfaces, planters with bamboo, and even a barbecue.

If you like what you see, check out the full ‘before and after’ here: The incredible transformation of a mini balcony

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